Thursday, November 29, 2012

The North Face / Canadian Trail Runner Ambassador's Selected For 2013

2013 The North Face Trail Ambassadors Announced

I really don't know how to do the whole link thing... so copy and paste it is! Congratulations to Bob on his becoming a Canadian Ambassador for The North Face. That's him in the center photo. you can find the artical at  (I hope this link thing works???)

I am really proud of my awesome husband who has fallen in love with trail running. It is so great to see him enjoy going out for a run...... especially when he used to think I was absolutely crazy for doing so! Well done husband! I can't wait to see you run this next year!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Barefoot Winter Running, Yes Through The Snow

Now I have to start with this, I never realized how difficult is to actually videotape yourself run until I actually tried it today. Throw in running in well below zero temps and on slippery snow with a Iphone, and well you know.........

Anyway for those of you that were wondering if I was serious about me running barefoot this time of year, here is a video that I took today and a few pics for your viewing enjoyment.

and here is a few pictures as well........

Me before I started my run with my awesome mukluks on.......

......And the mukluks come off.........

Yes, that is snow and no it is not cold.......

My right foot after my 4 km barefoot jaunt.......

........ and the left.
And a footnote (ha, foot get it), the peeling that you see on the bottom of my feet is from minimial barefoot mileage, with all the snow depth, and lack luster spreading of salt, chemicals and sand to the running trails. The peeling has happened to my feet for the last three years and is perfectly normal, my soles are just as durable as before in all the areas that are experienced SPS (skin peel syndrome).

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Snowy Night Run Through Assiniboine Forest

Just a few pictures to post this time from mine and Hazel's run tonight.
Hazel giving it down the snowy trail, dragging me behind, she picked up the scent of a bunch of deer just up the trail, and we were off.


I love the moon shot and the colours of the sky with the silhouette of the tree

Hazel looking up at the moon, it looked like she was just going to sit down and start to howl, absolutely stunning night for a run.
How I do love to run on the trails at night in Winnipeg.

Winter Running: My Guest Post On Daily Improvisations

As promised, here is my Guest Post on Daily Improvisations, I hope you enjoy it. Also please do feel free to leave comments, in fact I encourage it as I am always interested to see what your opinion is.

Daily Improvisations

Thanks again to Laura, for giving me the opportunity to reach a wider audience.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Going Up, Up In The World

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to consider filling a very important spot in a organization that I am very proud to be a member of, The Barefoot Runners Society or BRS for short. I was honoured that the powers that be would even consider me as a possibility to fill a position but least of all a important role like the Admin VP, kind of took me by surprise.

Here is the link to the Announcement that was posted on the BRS web page, hopefully I can fill the big foot prints of the previous members that came before me and help out in a small way.

BRS Announcement Link

Guest Post on Daily Improvisations

I am honoured to say that I will be a guest blogger on a friend's blog that will be posted on Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 and I am very excited about it.

I had originally posted it here on my blog, but after much consideration, I have pulled it and will provide a link on Tuesday to Laura's Blog, Daily Improvisations. She has taken my raw material and tweaked the format to make it flow as it was intended, and for that I am very excited as I have seen the finished product and it looks good, really good.

As soon as it is up, I will post a link from my blog to the post, and I hope you all enjoy it. But in the meantime, check out Laura's Blog at

Daily Improvisations

Have a great day of running everybody, I know I will.