Friday, February 26, 2010

Having Fun

Another beautiful, cold week has passed and here we are at the end of it with only a day before the next long run. I am a bit apprehensive about this run, being winter this is more like trail than road, and let's face it, it is winter, and a race?! So we will NOT be meeting at Tim's this Sunday.

The forecast is for a nice beautiful weekend, could mean so many things, but I think it is going to mean that the mukluks are done for the season. Unless it is -2oC I don't see them out for a run again.The mukluks have been fantastic this winter and they are still my winter boot, although for running I think I need a smaller pair. The leather has stretched and unless I am wearing my awesome thermal socks, the left boot wants to come off. So maybe for next winter I will finally find someone to teach me how to make a pair!

Back to being apprehensive.... this will be my first minimal shoe half marathon, my first winter (crazy people) half marathon, and the lead run into the next level of training for a full marathon.

The week before last we celebrated our running of new distances with cake and schnapps, as we carried ourselves through a 14-15 miler! Did I mention that later that day we met up with another crowd and G ran another 3 miles, as I walked 2. (did I mention we are crazy?) Moving onto new distances and being grateful that I have been able to get this far is so totally incredible. (this is where I have to give God the credit because I'm not of the belief that I am able to do all this myself!)

I am looking forward to what lies ahead, and am anticipating some great learning experiences as I get to travel a new road. This is where another pocket of apprehension lies, the unknown. Exciting and overwhelming, yet...? Who knows......., let's stick with exciting!

So I am wishing all those out Sunday morning for the half marathon a great day. Enjoy the run!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Hydrating in the Winter

Running in the cold for about 14 miles without refueling hasn't been an issue (surprisingly) this winter, and our days of carrying  cake and Schnapps during runs are over.  The threshold into running longer distances was marked by last week's run and it is time to take our hydration a little more seriously.

 We plan to run 17ish miles across Lake Winnipeg in a few weeks where there may or may not be any supplies for the runners.  Last Sunday I made Gatorade cubes in anticipation of this upcoming event.  It seemed like a good idea seeing as our water freezes up anyway and figured I can pack a lot of cubes in the pack. The consensus was they should be about 1/4 size of a regular ice cube.    I think it should work ok  as long as we aren't hypothermic. And we shouldn't become hypothermic unless we get lost or left behind, so it's unlikely.  Right?

Please.  Someone reassure me!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

About the taper run?

So here we are at 6 am at Tim's. This morning I found that I did not take my own advice and by choice stayed up late, did not get enough sleep, and so paid for it. Although I am going with the thought that if we are running a half marathon next week that maybe a taper run is in order for today. These are two articals I found about the taper:

scientific research have both come to the conclusion that a period of enforced rest before racing significantly increases the athlete's level of fitness and boosts his performance by an average of 3%. For marathon runners three per cent boils down to being about 5-10 minutes faster over their racing distance.

Many runners fail to realize that one of the most important aspects of marathon training
is the taper phase. Reducing weekly and long run mileage during these final two weeks is vitally important so that you will be fully recovered from previous workouts while at the same time, be completely rested for the big event.

So this is all I need to convince myself that today's run was still considered acceptable and that I can continue on with the long distances. I enjoyed the articles above knowing that the professionals do this as well. Although I'm not as worried about timing as I am working on distance, with a realization that there are time limits to the runs that I would like to do. So this week I am going to take some of this advice and attempt some shorter runs at a higher intensity (intervals I believe) to see how this helps me next week.

And with all that being said...... Check out this sunrise!
Have a fantastic day!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Februaury 21st,2010

Another awesome Sunday morning is approaching! So we had such fun last week with our new mileage we are going to try and add some more. Last week was a 14-15 so we think we will try for a 16-18 miler this week. The route is out there waiting for us and we will meet at Tim's' on portage and westwood for 6am. Last week we had the most beautiful sunrise to greet us so I'm excited to see what is in store for tomorrow. Get lots of sleep, and we will see you there. (I know that's funny, as most of us have kids, but try to get enough sleep?!)


Monday, February 15, 2010

The Journey of a Long Run

I think we had a great time out there yesterday. We went out for about 4 hours in total, this included a 15 min bathroom break and another 15 min photo and snack break. It is amazing what you can find when you're out and about on a 14 mile run. It is the furthest either of us has run and we are looking forward to continuing this journey onward.

Last week I was out early and missed a realy great photo of a yellow cresent moon over street lights hung on a perfecly black night sky. So I had to bring the camera on this run as I was hoping to find some scenic shots along the way. Especially with an awesome city route, what a great sunrise in the forest!

We are both not too sure about running on the ice so we thought it might be a great idea to try here, as there were previous tracks and it looked safe. Memories of a bog flood my mind from a run last summer as I think this is close to that location.

Here we are getting ready for March? On our way....

The sun definately warms things up, although not as quickly as we would have liked. Not reading the weather properly before heading out can lead to a chilly run. Must make sure to also read the windchill factor!

After getting up this early, I must say that I enjoy the opportunity to experience this.......
and we are only 5 miles into the run.

Another mile and a half and we get to the trail we were looking for. On our way to Fort Whyte! I have to say that I have been wanting to run some trails to see what that is all about, and after this run, I see the differences! The road running is way more predictable. Trail running, and this was only a small taste of what is out there, varries in texture, windchill, sunshine, wildlife..... and the list will go on as I discover more.

We are imagining that this is what running across a lake is going to look like>
A vast expanse with poles as markers along the way to mark a trail.

Seeing wildlife (at a safe distance) always makes me smile. There really are a couple of deer in the trees, although they had no interest in the local paparazzi!

Next it is time for a stop. A snack, as G is great at proving motivation for getting somewhere. Yes, that is cake!

Some more sights. Neat to see the bison!

Then heading home, stopping for the morning coffee on the way!

So on to train more this week so that next Sundays adventure will bring us more memories to add to our journey.



To Nicole who ran her first 15.something miles yesterday morning. We're into new territory  and hope  to celebrate many more firsts on the mileage front.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 14, long run

So it sounds like no one else objects to a 6am run! See you all there, Tims on westwood and portage ave. 6am for a very long slow distance!


Friday, February 12, 2010

February 14, long run

So I'm taking suggestions for the start time on Sunday morning. Currently I'm looking at 6am because I have gone out of my mind thinking I would like to add some mileage. This is not a little amount to add so I'm thinking we may need a bit more time to accomplish it.

G and I have been looking into and dreaming about the marathon distance and further.... So here we go. We have heard about a run that is about 30km, which works into about a 20 miler. Sounds like a great training run for some distance building. So I decided that we should start some serious distance building this week. I am building in some shortcuts into our long run in case there is a need, but that is after the 10 mile marker. This 20 miler is at the end of March so I believe we can work up to it with confidence, as we are running a half distance in two weeks.

So I will see you all on Sunday morning, let me know your thoughts on a 16 miler starting at 6am! (besides, I haven't had a lesson in humility for about 2 weeks now...)


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Footwear Update

Running in an old worn out pair of running still gives you more cushioning than desired, as I discovered Jan 20th after I slipped on a  pair of mukluks and went for a 6 mile run.  This felt like running in barefeet for the first time all over again.  I haven't worn the shoes since  (except for one race  on a river with choppy chunks of ice).  The mukluks are too big which I didn't notice until running  in them.  Plus the pom poms drive me a little batty.

This routine works for me:

0C to -20ish with cleared pathways:
 Thin layer of socks, Gortex socks, followed by wool thicker socks. Swim shoes.

-25ish ( depends on the windchill) and Colder OR running in lots of snow without cleared paths:
swimshoes inside  a big pair of socks, mukluks ( so they fit better).  Take a big piece of leather lace and wrap it up the calf of the mukluk to prevent pom poms from moving around, and reinforces the mukluk from slipping down the calf.

Wet Weather +2ish:
 When your run consists of constantly running through puddles from all the melting snow, running shoes are best.  They elevate your foot giving you a better chance of staying dry.  Don't forget the Gortex socks.  This kind of weather doesn't usually last long so in a few days you can be back to running free again.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This morning was a nice day to be out for an early morning run. Only -22C with NO windchill. Today my mukluks were still damp from yesterday so it was out in the water shoes again with two pairs of socks. I was surprised how warm that was, as I couldn't find my favorite thermal socks. I found some amusing motivation this morning....... there was several factors at 5:30am:
  1. G has received a ribbon for third place in her category for the frost bite run! Congratulations!! (I guess I had better get my but in gear!)
  2. I realized last night that there are only two weeks left until the Hypothermic half! (I guess I had better get my but in gear!)
  3. Upon waking up earlier than one should I could not return to sleep, even though I tried desperately to ignore the running gear calling out to me. It has been too long and life has been terribly busy, but for some insane reason I woke up early.... (I guess I had better get my but in gear!)
  4. I guess I have to note that there was NO windchill this morning. (I guess I had better get my but in gear!)

So I got my but out there.

Now it's time to get in some serious mileage. I'm not sure what that would be but there are only so many hours in a day and I've been unable to add the miles I would like, so here it goes......

  1. Back to the training plan. (must find that plan)
  2. Back to trying to get to bed early enough to get up early in the morning.
  3. Back to eating well enough that I can run whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Can't wait to see you out there.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long Run Sunday Feb 7th

No long run again this Sunday due to scheduling conflicts.  We seem to be 'running' into this problem a lot lately.  Although it is frustrating not to be able to get out as planned, we must remember that one day our children will be older and we will be free  to run as often as we want. I will think of you as I  do a solo long run in Regina and hopefully next week we'll be back on track.  Happy running.....