Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunday Run Schedule Dec 27/09

 We'll run 7.69 miles to our destination, beginning at 1 pm from Tim's on Portage.  Please post a comment or email if you are planning to join us for this run as the meeting place may change.  We'll run to Grant Park, hook up with the Hashers to run 5 K, have a beer afterwards,   and then run or  hitch a ride home.  The pace will be turtle slow as my sprained knee is trying to teach me a lesson.

Merry Ho Ho everyone and Happy Running.  Shout out to Nicole who is in Edmonton.  She will be running in the Resolution Run on the first day of the new year.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Long Run Schedule December 20/09

Ooooh I am so excited about this run.  The Barefoot Runners will be joining the Hashers for a special naming event for  Just Bob. We'll depart from  Daily Grind (3393 Portage Ave)  at 1:30 pm  for an hour and a half of running where we will meet up with the Hashers to run 5K.  We can take a shortcut on the way home after the festivities  because by then we will likely be feeling a little heavy from all the festivities.  Or there might even be a few spots in a vehicle to return a few folks back to Daily Grind.  If not, bring a change of running clothes.  See you there!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Next Level of Cold

I don't own a pair of mukluks yet but console myself with the fact that these old beasts have lost all the cushioning they once possessed which makes them a step closer to  being minimal.  Clear duct tape has been applied around the shoe and heated with a blow dryer to promote maximum adhesiveness.  For the tongue area I cut up a latex glove and applied fabric tape around the corners then sewed it into place.  This shoe surgery won't do much to keep the feet warm unless the feet are well protected to begin with.  First apply vaseline to feet then powder (otherwise they will feel squishy). I put on  a pair of wicking thin sports sock followed by a Gore-Tex sock  topped off with a pair of thick wool socks.  This will keep the feet warm.  It is important to bring extra socks.  If you warm up  indoors part way through your run your feet will quickly become wet with perspiration and you will need to change into dry socks before heading outdoors again.

Last year wrapping the shoes in duct tape allowed me to run  in  temperatures  to -56C ( with wind chill) for 5 miles.  With the Gore-Tex socks and latex applied to the tongue  I think the feet will stay warmer for a longer period of time.  We'll see tomorrow,  although it is supposed to be a balmy-48C.

December 13th,2009

Another week has gone by and another is to start. Sunday is upon us once again and the running I have not put in this week is going to show tomorrow, as with a pervious lesson I have learned that you can't get out what you don't put in! Although I am expecting to push through as I have some new ideas as to how to keep our quads and butts warmer! So off we will be at 7am. We will meet at Tim's located at Westwood and Portage. During the winter I think starting off somewhere warm is good and our local coffee shops don't open until 9am, but we may finish around the corner at these shops as they are not far away.

Tomorrows route will probably stay closer to home to start. If you are looking for a 3-5 miler we will be able to accomadate, for those looking to do 6- 14 miles we will also be able to accomodate. For longer distances we will try to keep up as I know some of you are getting up and over the 20 mile markers, and we do have a runner trying for her first marathon in January!

See you tomorrow morning and Dress Warm!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dress warm out there!

So upon waking early (without the help from an alarm) and thinking it would be nice to just get up and go for a run...( not really, I actually had to spend 10 minutes convincing myself to get up, and I did wonder why I was awake in the first place, being 5:30 am).

Out I went, into our cold. Not checking the actual temperature, (don't try this at home) just thinking about how cold it has been,-20 to -23ish. Let's stop here and talk about how important layering is, as this is CANADA! One layer is not enough at this time of year, two layers can be enough (two weeks ago was nice for this at -10) if the sun is shining and there is no wind chill and it is not any colder than -20, three layers may be enough if you have the right type of layers. This is how it went.....

Head: hat, ear warmer,scarf, neck warmer.
This was great layering, even a bit warm after 20 min.

Upper Body: thermal long sleeve under armor, long sleeve thick running top, heavy running shell.
This worked very well, after 4 miles the arms began to get a bit chilled, but not bad.

Lower body: winter running pant, wind pant.
As you can tell this is where I forgot to add a thermal layer. After 2 miles the quads were very chilled and by mile 3 I was looking to get home and get warm. Although by mile 4 I was wondering if that part of my leg was there still, so I was happy to arrive home after 5 miles and very cold quads! Yes the, glutes were cold as well!

Feet: thermal socks, muck lucks.
My feet were awesome! This is the way I think I will go for the winter running as my feet were nice and cozy!

Now upon arriving home and getting my legs warmed up I turned on the weather station only to find I had been out in -28! Which is not that bad, considering how crazy we got last year. But I have decided that anything colder than -20 is going to need the added thermal base layer!

Life lesson #62: check the weather BEFORE you go outside! (especially in the winter) and then listen to your mother, (even if she is that voice in your head) and dress appropriately!

Last years winter running we found that the glutes and the quads were the 2 items we had a hard time keeping warm, so the search is on and we will have as much fun experimenting with the clothing this winter I am sure. On another note I do hope we can find something quickly to keep these areas warm as I think it would help us get out there for a longer time, or more often.... and maybe it is still all about the shopping for the gear?


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Barrier Sock #2

These are the most expensive socks I will ever buy.
 They are Gore-Tex socks and they will one day go inside the mukluks I don't own yet.  Until then I will see if I can get away with putting them inside  swimming shoes. The seams are sewn around the foot and not on the underside  and they are supposed to be waterproof and windproof.

Friday, December 4, 2009

December 6, 2009

Hello out there!

The white stuff has hit the ground, and it is going to stay. Let's all suck it up and get back out there! Who's up for a sunday run? 7 am we are going to meet at Tim Hortons' at westwood and portage. Milage will probably range from 6-14 miles, we will see how many injuries and sickies show up! (I expect to be a sickie! although it will be a self induced... nevermind, I'll try not to complain.) Unfortunately we have had alot of STUFF going on, as any parent experiences from day to day, but it is time. Our first OFFICAL snow run?

I think we will start of in this area and will keep close to home for anyone looking to get back out there, even for a 3-5 miler. No excuses! let's GO!

Besides, think of all the food coming that we will have to run off later, we're just getting a head start......