Sunday, October 7, 2012

Winter Barefoot Running Challenge - 2012/2013

The gauntlet has been thrown down,

The battle lines have been drawn,

The shoes have been removed,

The soles have been prepped,

The cold weather is here.................

Time for the yearly barefoot winter running challenge, 2012 Edition.

The rules are simple,

We want you to record your BARE FOOT running at temperatures below 5°C (41°F), whether you run once or 50+ times. The Challenge is about having fun and exploring barefoot running, in winter conditions. Besides, it's worth all the strange looks and dropped jaws you'll get from the disbelievers.

Here's how to play: Oct 01 2012 to Apr 01 2013
1. Go to this Winter Challenge link (charts are more interactive if you are logged on with Google account ie gmail)
2. Add your Member ID (1st sheet - row A)
3. Add your Country (1st sheet - row B)
4. Add your cumulative number of runs and distance for each temperature range (include Wind Chill --- here is a link to a Wind Chill calculator)
5. Add your coldest run (temperature and distance)
6. Check out the 'Stats' sheet to see how everyone is doing

Now, no you don't have to be like this weirdo,

but it will take the attention from your bare feet.

If you want to join the challenge or just keep track of how we are doing and 'just how low we can go' then here is the link.

Winter Barefoot Running Challenge 2012/2013

Happy Barefoot Winter Running.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Beaudry Lemming Loop

I'm afraid. Totally unprepared! Doesn't this sound familiar? I seem to do this over and over again, you know the whole thing about jumping in over my head..... I'm up to so much of this kinda thing this year; I would almost think I shouldn't be afraid?! Now I'm just waiting on some laundry in the dryer, my clothes are set aside -the blue nuu-muu with leggings, long sleeve tech shirt, Solomon fleece with Solomon jacket to start the morning (I hate to be cold; even to start) and a headlamp (blue to match the dress!) black head band to keep my ears warm. In my box of stuff (drop bag), north face jacket for a change if I need something dry later, as well another long sleeve tech shirt and another pair of running pants. I also have a hand held water bottle, second pair of shoes, socks, my glasses (in case my contacts don't last), running poles (in case I stumble too much and need them to hold me up the last few hours?), extra music, ....... maybe a couple of cliff bars????

One thing I'm not really worried about is the food situation! Dwayne has proven himself in many of the runs I've been to! I'm always impressed with his thoughtfulness! So I've decided to run without carrying anything to start, which is unusual as I really like to be prepared (over prepared?). It's a 5km loop with a water station at the halfway point.... I'm thinking this is a well planned location. I guess we'll see tomorrow. Hopefully running a loop, I won't even have to be worried about getting lost! for the first few hours anyways!!
We are allowed pacers for the last 2 hours. I'm excited because Bob said he would run with me. We don't get alot of time together for running as it gets expensive getting a sitter all the time, so we pick and choose what we do run together. This will be an interesting experience I'm sure, especially running together after I'm already tired from running 10 hours; and trying to remember that he's been an awesome husband who's been with the kids for the last 10 hours.... Hmmmm, guess there are some interesting tests in marriage, this could be a lesson to learn from?! I'm going to stop thinking about this part of the run now....
I guess the biggest thing, other than exhaustion, I'm concerned about would be the head space this can put someone into. Which is where prayer is going to play the biggest role; as it should I suppose! I am looking forward to the day the God has placed before me; whatever that may be? Really! it's weird I know, but I was out for a run Thursday and was actually able to enjoy the snow whipping into my face after beginning the morning dreading my run in that weather.
It was my 5 year old who was so excited as we left for school. He walked outside and was sooo happy to catch snow on his tongue that in the 10 minutes we took to walk to school I had a change of attitude myself! I was now able to envision some of the pictures from the Winnie the pooh books, The Blustery Day story! SOOOOO WINNIPEG! Of course having that thought in my head I was able to look for adventure, intrigue, and my friends! Thursday was awesome!
I would like to wish you all an awesome day! Even if you are on the road, in Winnipeg, Minneapolis, or wherever. Enjoy the day, God placed it there for you!