Monday, December 13, 2010

First Frozen Ass Run of the Season

Wonder why only 2 of us showed up....!

This is what some of us are wearing on our feet at -40C. Running in mukluks makes for a pleasant run. The ground is softer beneath your feet when you run on snow and I think this might be the best time of year to start minimalist running for those intrigued with the idea. Nicole made the black mukluks herself with a unique lace up design. Normally mukluks have a looser fit on the calf but it is better if they are more fitted to prevent sliding down when running. If you look closely you can see I tied leather laces around my calf to prevent this from happening and to prevent the pom poms from bouncing around.  A sprinkle of mukluk history while we are on the topic....traditionally women did not wear fur or pom poms on their mukluks so Nicole's  creation has some tradition to it as well as fashion.
There are beautiful places everywhere.  Sometimes they can be noticed more easily when the rest of the city is still asleep.    We are on the edge of the river and behind the sign there were 2 canada Geese in an open area of water. I don't know why some geese hang on like that but have heard some will stick around as long as there is open water. 

In this shot I tried to capture the frosted ice that had collected on Nicole's eyelashes but it didn't turn out.  Near the end of the run  my vision was getting blurry from the frost build up.

...the camera taking its last shot before freezing up.

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  1. Good, I see we are preparing for the Hypo half and the Run across Lake Winnipeg.