Sunday, April 17, 2011

Journey of 1,000 Barefoot Miles - Week ending April 16, 2011

Well, unfortunately not too much to report this week. I only got out for a couple runs (and short ones) due to obligations and my feeling under the weather, I could also mention that the weather really sucked here as well.
But to ensure I am consistant on my reporting, I will continue with them weekly:
Sunday April 10, 2011

Barefoot: 0.00
Vibrams: 2.61 miles
Total: 2.61 miles
This run was with the WH3, affectionately called the "Spring Shiggy Run". In short some sadistic runners (thanks WB, MD and NC) set a trail through some of the nastiest, wettest, muddy, and sometimes sh##iest locations for a bunch of crazy runners to follow. If you come out dry and clean (right Thor), then something is wrong, and it could be deemed shortcutting. I would of normally done this barefoot too, but I was warned that there was some suspect waterholes, terrain and some barbwire to fend through, so I might want to wear the Vibrams. I grumbled for a bit, but folded like a bad poker hand and put on the shoes. Nothing like the sensation of running thru ditch puddles up to your knees, as people drive by, you get some crazy looks. Anyway, it might of been a good thing that I put the shoes on, because I ended up splitting my toe open anyway. Oh well, why not have a little blood with the mud, I always say.
On, On.
Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Barefoot: 5.50 miles
Vibrams: 0.00
Total: 5.50 miles
This was deemed my speed training for the week, I ran up and down a major route in Transcona, during lunch hour. Wind was pretty crazy, 30 to 40km and swirling per hour (not sure I was ever really running with the wind), but I was still able to maintain a 9:33/mile average pace for the duration with a 9:05/mile pace between mile 3 and 4. I was really hoping to get 30+ miles in this week, but what can you do, sometimes you have to listen to your body and shut it down, so that is what I did. Just means I will have to do some heavy running this week to catch up, weather pending of course. Come on Mother Nature, don't let me down.
So here we are once again with the week and running total:
Vibrams: 2.61
Total: 8.11
Year to date: Barefoot: 26.91
Vibrams: 14.81
Total: 41.62 '
It's Good To Run Barefoot and Free'

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