Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Run Sunday July 24

Meeting at 8 am at Timmies at Westwood and Portage.  Bring some  $  because there will be treats at the end ( or halfway point if we can't get a ride back).  I don't know the mileage because the Garmins, I mean Bob and Nicole, have gone out West.  I know y'all like numbers so lets just say it''ll be around 13 miles.
See you tomorrow!



  1. Hi! This is pretty random but I am a barefooter (beginning runner) moving to Montreal this year from Los Angeles and really needing advice on what foot gear will keep me warm through Canadian winters and still leave my feet feeling free. I read through your posts on winter footwear and was wondering what brands of mukluks do you guys use, where can I buy them? Any other tips for someone who lives better barefoot and has never experienced a real winter?
    Thanks in advance guys!
    I've been really enjoying browsing through this blog.

  2. I love Montreal! Although I spent one winter there, I cannot remember exactly the weather except to say it was very damp which made it feel colder than it actually was.
    Nicole made her mukluks and mine were made by someone up North. Many stores sell them in Canada but you may want an authentic pair as they will likely be of better quality (better hide, etc...). If you like I can try and find a connection for you in Montreal. If interested email and I will look into it for you.

    I am glad you are enjoying our blog!