Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday October 23 Run

I be thinking there will be no running for any of us early tomorrow morning. I will be taking part in the 10km Ted's Run for Literacy at Kildonan Park,to support a great cause. Nicole will be running the 3km event with our two boys, look out I see at least one boy losing the shoes tomorrow morning. Gail will be splitting herself in two to be at both events as she has apparently double booked and signed up for both the Ted's Literacy Run and the Run for Haiti at Assinboine Park at the same time. Should be interesting to see how she pulls that one off.

Anyway where ever you are tomorrow make sure you Run Smiley because running any other way is just crazy.

Also for your reading pleasure, I was asked about a month ago to help contribute to an article for on Barefoot Running. Here is the product of all the hard work done by the author Tara Struyk with a little bit of knowledge passed on by yours truely. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy every step with a smile.


  1. Ran into you at Ted's Run! Asked you about blisters. Although I'm not as die hard as you (still in the experimental stage)... I will be talking about it tomorrow at my clinic at the Running Room (I'm one of the coaches.) Awesome to see someone actually racing barefoot.

  2. @ Jeff
    Hopefully my thoughts on the subject were helpful. Blisters are a interesting subject with barefoot running. Even after a year and a half of running barefoot, I occasionally get blisters usually due to my running form slipping and creating friction on either my toes or the balls of my feet. Or I fall into the old trap of extending my stride to pick up speed. This is ok for short distances but not for extended periods of time. Good luck on your clinic tomorrow night. If you are intersted check out The Barefoot Runners Society at a great source of information.