Thursday, March 8, 2012

Polar Bear Run 2012 - Gimli to Winnipeg Beach

We are always looking for something a little different, and why not, running the same route would get rather boring and who does not like a challenge anyway. Life is way to short to do the same thing day in day out. So this is why not only I, but Nicole and Gail look for that 'out of the box' type of run or race. This particular endeavour caught our attention last year, The Polar Bear Run, a run across Lake Winnipeg in March over the ice and snow from Gimli to Grand Marais see below for map:

Nicole was hoping to run this event again with the intent of cutting a bunch of time off, and Gail is accompanying her again this year. Unfortunately I am not running it due to parental obligations, leaving an 11 and 5 year old to fend for themselves while their parents ran across a frozen lake would probably not be viewed very favourably by the court system. But to throw a pitchfork into the spoked wheel, we have had a crazy winter season to say the least, the lake took longer than normal to freeze over so there is no defined or marked trail across the lake, there is air pockets in the ice that are deemed unsafe (considering a few snow mobiles have gone through the ice this year), and it appears that someone also went through the ice on another lake not to far away. If this is considered to be deemed unsafe, I would be in agreeance.

Due to the above, the run organizer Jeff Badger, has found an alternative route, not the epic run across the lake, but a more scenic and epic run on the ice closer to shore from Gimli to Winnipeg Beach and back, see below.

The mileage will be close to the same, approximately 9 miles each way totalling just over the approximately 18 miles that would of been ran last year, but with the safety factor of being close to shore. I expect that the camera will be coming out for some great shots along the route for posting next week. So as Nicole and Gail streak along the shoreline of Lake Winnipeg, myself the kids and our new puppy will be sitting back in Winnipeg eating pancakes and letting another notch out of the belt.

Have fun ladies, I expect an awesome report when you return.

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