Sunday, October 7, 2012

Winter Barefoot Running Challenge - 2012/2013

The gauntlet has been thrown down,

The battle lines have been drawn,

The shoes have been removed,

The soles have been prepped,

The cold weather is here.................

Time for the yearly barefoot winter running challenge, 2012 Edition.

The rules are simple,

We want you to record your BARE FOOT running at temperatures below 5°C (41°F), whether you run once or 50+ times. The Challenge is about having fun and exploring barefoot running, in winter conditions. Besides, it's worth all the strange looks and dropped jaws you'll get from the disbelievers.

Here's how to play: Oct 01 2012 to Apr 01 2013
1. Go to this Winter Challenge link (charts are more interactive if you are logged on with Google account ie gmail)
2. Add your Member ID (1st sheet - row A)
3. Add your Country (1st sheet - row B)
4. Add your cumulative number of runs and distance for each temperature range (include Wind Chill --- here is a link to a Wind Chill calculator)
5. Add your coldest run (temperature and distance)
6. Check out the 'Stats' sheet to see how everyone is doing

Now, no you don't have to be like this weirdo,

but it will take the attention from your bare feet.

If you want to join the challenge or just keep track of how we are doing and 'just how low we can go' then here is the link.

Winter Barefoot Running Challenge 2012/2013

Happy Barefoot Winter Running.

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