Thursday, January 28, 2010

About that run?.....

I guess I have been avoiding the "memorable run" story all week as it was I who took the 9.5 mile run and short cutt it to a 5 miler. Of course there is a lesson in all this, several actually. Some of which I will share with you all, and some that were ment just for me... I think.

So there we are, 0 degrees outside, a beautiful awesome and warm Sunday morning. Leaving Tim's at 6am to run to the forks. I have planned a great route full of interest and added length through the park, through downtown, and eventually to the forks. 1mile into the run and I was having footwear issues. I haven't really had issues yet, of course sore calves are usual, but here I am having a difficult time with my boots. I am running in my mukluks, which have been fantastic all winter long and now have decided to not stay on my foot. Of course when I really look at the situation...

  1. it is 0 degrees out
  2. it is slushy
  3. it is warm
  4. it is beautiful
  5. my boots are soaking wet!
  6. they weigh allot more than usual!
  7. did I mention... they are soaking WET!
So after a couples of miles, I admit to my not thinking clearly as I woke up earlier than usual for our run. Finally admitting to the situation that my feet are soaking wet, up to my ankles. We are laughing as G mentions trench foot, and I give in to the defeat of footwear not well planned! I turned the garmin off here and we got to our destination short of all the miles I had planned in between. The picture above are my mukluks, soaking wet. They took two days to dry and I couldn't wear them until Wednesday.
Which led me to my very old runners, and from two days of wearing them out for little things like picking up the kids or the store, I have found my feet to feel cramped up. Could just be in my head? I did go out for a 5 mile run on Monday wearing the water shoes, with a thick thermal sock and found them to be very warm! In the future, like spring, I think I will get the gortex socks G has raved about and use them in the water shoes. Mukluks will not be used in the water again! Although this winter, in the cold they are fantastic. Much lighter than when they are wet!

I did feel awful that I took this really great run and made a mess of it, and I spent the afternoon trying to get over it. I don't mind when someone else gets to call it short, but I had a really hard time with this being MY FAULT?! and it was totally. Again another lesson in humility. I must be getting pretty big in the head or something?..... Or maybe this is just keeping me from going there. Or maybe I am forgetting to thank my creator for the awesome feet He provided me with?! hmmmmm, yup, it is all the above.
So here I will thank Him for my feet and the desire to run. I will let go of the awful run Sunday morning and I will again remember who it is that let's my every step hit solid ground, as long as I look to Him. (and of course He gets the credit as well! especially when I've run and not fallen...)


  1. Dear Nicole,
    I do not know if this is any good to you, but I use to put mink oil on my leather boots all winter. It is actually more a paste than an oil, texture wise. It made them water proof- up to a certain point- and prevent the leather to get "old and dry" too fast. It will change the colour of your mukluk to a darker shade.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for your suggestion. I am going to definatley give this a try!