Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Run Sunday Aug 15/10

Sorry for not posting this run in advance.  We decided at last minute, near the end of the evening, to squish in the run.  Bob  was able to go almost 20 miles completely barefoot.  After midnight  he put on the vibrams  as there was a drop in temperature.  I had to dig out an extra pair of socks to wear on my hands.  I was pleased to be able to go about 10 miles in swimming shoes and socks before reverting back to my old beat up shoes. The socks seem to make a big difference in not getting blisters, so will continue with that for awhile.  The elastic pull on my classic vibrams snapped off so they are floppy and useless to me now.
Anyhow, hope you all have a great running week.  Next Sunday we will have a more official run posted as our marathon nears.  We'll probably run a little over 20 miles.

Happy Trails,

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