Saturday, September 25, 2010

Long Run Sunday Sept 26th

Some of us (ok, me) are in the throes of what is termed the Post Marathon Blues...and frankly I'm sick of this feeling!  Personally, I am looking at tomorrow's run as the official end to this blues thing.  Maybe we'll go somewhere new...and somewhere extra muddy. I have no idea what distance we'll be running as it'll depend on the collective mood ( 20 miles anyone?).  It might be a good idea to bring cell phones and marking tape, just in case ( don't want to do that lost in the woods thing again).

We'll meet at 6 am  unless I hear some enthusiasm for meeting at 5 am ( anyone?).   Location same place as usual.


  1. Now there is a statement with an explanation point!!!!

    Bob on Behalf of Nicole

  2. I will see you there! Thanks I needed the bite in the ass!