Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Week To Treherne

Well, here we are a little more than a week before I run my first full marathon (discounting the fact that I am running this in a kilt), I am a little shall I say worried about mileage completed this week. In short, I have run 0 miles. Am I concerned? Absolutely!

With my brother up, and not wanting to leave him and his fiancee to their own devices while I ran (I thought it was the host like thing to do!), I have not even got out to my typical Monday night Hash Run (but the meal we had was well worth it). I did have 2 early morning workouts at the YMCA this week but that's it. That being said, it is going to be a interesting weekend, as I have to run lots on my taper week. I am looking at a 20 plus miler on Sunday, and probably another long run on Monday if it's possible.

Wish me luck.

On On,


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  1. Good luck to all of you. I know you'll do fine.