Saturday, November 6, 2010

Long Run Sunday Nov 7

6am meeting at Cavalier and Portage at Tims.   We are doing 10 miles.  Why only 10 miles you ask?  We're following week 2 of  the UTRALADIES 50K event training schedule.  check out the schedule at if you would like to follow along,  and then click on  Ultraladies on left side of screen.  We're assuming the mileage is in miles and not km.  We're also changing it up a bit as we can't help ourselves (adding in a speed or hill run, tempo run, and weights).  We've also moved the days over by one  to better suit our schedules.  Are you with me so far?

Don't forget to "fall back" tonight.  Yay, an extra hour of sleep!

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