Thursday, November 4, 2010

Question Regarding Vibram Five Fingers

We got a question asked of us, and not knowing who or how to reply too, I figured it was best to do a quick blog entry regarding.

Question: Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "April 11 Long Run":

does any one know where in winnipeg i can get a pair of vibrams??? thanks i have just started running barefoot and would like to try a pair

Even though this is only one question, I actually have two answers for this, or one answer and a recommendation per say.

Answer: There is no local businesses that currently sell Vibrams in Winnipeg or Manitoba. City Park Runners is on the short list as a retailer, but they are still waiting to get confirmation and stock for sale. The nearest location that carries Vibrams is Scheel's in Fargo, as well as a another small independent running store (the name escapes me at this moment). There is also a couple of retailers in Saskatoon. If you make to the Twin Cities, there are numerous sporting stores like REI that carry Vibrams. If you visit, they have a function that will allow you to locate stores. Please note if you are going to look at ordering Vibrams online, order from Vibram direct or or when they have them in stock Do not order from anywhere else as there are numerous companies and stores that are currently selling counterfits (yes I do mean counterfits, there is a market for them).

Recommendation: If you have started to learn how to run barefoot, it is my suggestion (and numerous experts on the subject) that you run barefoot until you figure out the right form that works for you. You will change your bad habits (from shod running) much quicker if you learn how to run barefoot naturally. The point is you need to learn how to feel the ground and pick up your feet verse a swinging motion. There is a wealth of knowledge out there at your fingertips from people who have been running this way for years, eg. Barefoot KenBob is one of the pioneers of making barefoot running more mainstream his forum is, Jason Robillard is another big proponent of barefoot running both of these are great resources for not only learning the proper form but for also getting the answers to questions that I know from experience you will have along your journey to 'Happy Feet'.

Also another great resource is The Barefoot Runners Society, a website with barefoot and minimalistic shoe runners that share experiences and knowledge pertaining to this subject. Members are located all over the world and the wealth of knowledge is unbelievable, plus the barefoot running community is absolutely amazing, everybody on there is friendly and just want to help. If you want to check it out the link is and if you are interested in becoming a member let me know and I will send you a invite.

Also the biggest and most important piece of advise I have about learning how to run barefoot
is start slow, listen to your body and your feet do not over do it, and relax, running is suppose to be fun, if you are not relaxed while you are running how can you have any fun.

Good Luck and Happy Feet To You

Barefooting Bob


  1. Mountain Equipment Co-op in Winnipeg sells Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

    1. Yes MEC does carry VFF's but unfortunately they do not have them consistantly. I have been in there a few times and they had none in stock. Further to this, I am a supporter of the smaller independent stores, because they ensure that you get what you need not just what you want.