Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jan 15.2011 Sunday Long 'Run'

Meeting tomorrow at 6 am at Tims on Westwood and Portage. I'll be with bike as I have some new footwear to try out before the commute to work the next day.   Rumour has it Nicole might show up on a bike too.  The distance of tomorrow's run will depend on how far we can go before freezing our toes, but 22k would be awesome.

I  generally have a hard time keeping my feet warm in winter.  It may be because I chose to wear these shoes  30 years ago during  one winter and froze my toes.  I was cute and stylish  which  really is the only thing that matters when you are 13 and not very bright.
 ...which brings me back to the  winter bike footwear I will be testing out. They are rubber boots with scuba diving material on the inside that  fit loosely and claim to keep the feet warm to -32C.   With enough room to fit gortex socks followed by a thick pair of wool socks I'm hoping  those boots will keep my toes  comfortable to  - 40.  I would love to wear mukluks because they are the only thing that keep my toes toasty but the spiky pedal would shred the bottom.

Hope to see you tomorrow! We won;t leave the runners behind!


  1. You know you can wear mukluks with a low rubber boot over them (called "piss rubbers" by the northerners)? They have always been around and guys wore them over their moccasins as well. I have no idea where you would get them in the south.

  2. Never heard of them but will try and find some. Thanks for the info!