Saturday, February 5, 2011


I say long run sheepishly because we'll likely only do about 6 miles. Meet at 6 am Timmies at Westwood and Portage. Don't worry, we'll get back up to the big mileage shortly.

...after writing the above I feel I may have left you wondering whats up with the wimpy mileage lately? Basically, we have been having some health issues. Nicole mentioned the latest one but even before that she had recently recovered from an arm infection which caused considerable pain that held her activity level back. I won't go into details because she doesn't even now I am writing about her health ( is that ok? Nicole? Hello?).  Amazingly, her motivation is intact even if her mileage isn't.

 On my end,  it took a long time to get my running energy back since having pneumonia in October and now I am left with little motivation.  Now that it is said  I hope to face it and move forward.  


  1. on on! see you in the morning.

  2. Motivation, did someone say motivation!!! If you need some modivation, just think 50km in May.

    Bob Hijacking Nic's account.