Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tiberias Marathon

The husband  ( who will be referred to as the B man) hits me up with the idea of going to Israel in January to run the Tiberias marathon.  He knows his best chance at  convincing me  is to plant the marathon seed.  It is an out and back where the runners travel alongside Lake Tiberias, known more commonly  as the Sea of Galilee. It will be beautiful running  weather at that time of year and so I think there
may be a chance of being convinced. A small chance.  Why?  Because I have some fears....

1. The plane crashing
2. The heart thing ( it's not an issue anymore but still)
3. Losing  the B man ( the guy is forever wandering off )
4. Jet lag.
5. Taking an entire day to complete the marathon
6. Not being able to complete the marathon
7. The Syria rocket launcher thing that sometimes happens
8. Car crash
9. Passing out on the course
10.  Running below sea level.
11. iPod dieing
12.  Me dieing

The You Tube side bar has been added.  Type in Tiberias marathon 2009 you can take a peek does look fun.



  1. Usually I crawl out of bed at 5:30 am and have the Should I stay or should I go battle all the way to the Y for the morning workout. But not today. I jumped out of bed enthusiastically to go and do strength training. This means, without making an official commitment, that today is day 1 of Tiberias marathon training.
    Besides, after the heart thing a few years ago I slowly came to the conclusion I'd rather die running than not run at all. However I do not want to die in a plane crash. I would be so pissed at the B man if that happened.

  2. Way to go! I amproud of you for getting up.

  3. Dear Gail,
    Just a few words of encouragement...
    I have 3 very different friends who went to Israel. They all say that it is a marvelous country. One described it as peacefull, calming, the other one said that he felt under the spell (envouté)and the 3rd one -married to a girl from there- said that it is ihe best party place and beaches he knows.
    Have fun.