Friday, December 4, 2009

December 6, 2009

Hello out there!

The white stuff has hit the ground, and it is going to stay. Let's all suck it up and get back out there! Who's up for a sunday run? 7 am we are going to meet at Tim Hortons' at westwood and portage. Milage will probably range from 6-14 miles, we will see how many injuries and sickies show up! (I expect to be a sickie! although it will be a self induced... nevermind, I'll try not to complain.) Unfortunately we have had alot of STUFF going on, as any parent experiences from day to day, but it is time. Our first OFFICAL snow run?

I think we will start of in this area and will keep close to home for anyone looking to get back out there, even for a 3-5 miler. No excuses! let's GO!

Besides, think of all the food coming that we will have to run off later, we're just getting a head start......


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