Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Next Level of Cold

I don't own a pair of mukluks yet but console myself with the fact that these old beasts have lost all the cushioning they once possessed which makes them a step closer to  being minimal.  Clear duct tape has been applied around the shoe and heated with a blow dryer to promote maximum adhesiveness.  For the tongue area I cut up a latex glove and applied fabric tape around the corners then sewed it into place.  This shoe surgery won't do much to keep the feet warm unless the feet are well protected to begin with.  First apply vaseline to feet then powder (otherwise they will feel squishy). I put on  a pair of wicking thin sports sock followed by a Gore-Tex sock  topped off with a pair of thick wool socks.  This will keep the feet warm.  It is important to bring extra socks.  If you warm up  indoors part way through your run your feet will quickly become wet with perspiration and you will need to change into dry socks before heading outdoors again.

Last year wrapping the shoes in duct tape allowed me to run  in  temperatures  to -56C ( with wind chill) for 5 miles.  With the Gore-Tex socks and latex applied to the tongue  I think the feet will stay warmer for a longer period of time.  We'll see tomorrow,  although it is supposed to be a balmy-48C.

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  1. LOL! So these are the running shoes that you referred to in your email. I'm impressed that you have run in -56 degree weather!

    Great blog