Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dress warm out there!

So upon waking early (without the help from an alarm) and thinking it would be nice to just get up and go for a run...( not really, I actually had to spend 10 minutes convincing myself to get up, and I did wonder why I was awake in the first place, being 5:30 am).

Out I went, into our cold. Not checking the actual temperature, (don't try this at home) just thinking about how cold it has been,-20 to -23ish. Let's stop here and talk about how important layering is, as this is CANADA! One layer is not enough at this time of year, two layers can be enough (two weeks ago was nice for this at -10) if the sun is shining and there is no wind chill and it is not any colder than -20, three layers may be enough if you have the right type of layers. This is how it went.....

Head: hat, ear warmer,scarf, neck warmer.
This was great layering, even a bit warm after 20 min.

Upper Body: thermal long sleeve under armor, long sleeve thick running top, heavy running shell.
This worked very well, after 4 miles the arms began to get a bit chilled, but not bad.

Lower body: winter running pant, wind pant.
As you can tell this is where I forgot to add a thermal layer. After 2 miles the quads were very chilled and by mile 3 I was looking to get home and get warm. Although by mile 4 I was wondering if that part of my leg was there still, so I was happy to arrive home after 5 miles and very cold quads! Yes the, glutes were cold as well!

Feet: thermal socks, muck lucks.
My feet were awesome! This is the way I think I will go for the winter running as my feet were nice and cozy!

Now upon arriving home and getting my legs warmed up I turned on the weather station only to find I had been out in -28! Which is not that bad, considering how crazy we got last year. But I have decided that anything colder than -20 is going to need the added thermal base layer!

Life lesson #62: check the weather BEFORE you go outside! (especially in the winter) and then listen to your mother, (even if she is that voice in your head) and dress appropriately!

Last years winter running we found that the glutes and the quads were the 2 items we had a hard time keeping warm, so the search is on and we will have as much fun experimenting with the clothing this winter I am sure. On another note I do hope we can find something quickly to keep these areas warm as I think it would help us get out there for a longer time, or more often.... and maybe it is still all about the shopping for the gear?


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