Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Adventure of a Long Run Sunday...

So I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this run had many surprises along our path that, well,.... hmmmm Just not sure what to make of it, maybe you can.. So here's the story.....
5Am we meet at the usual location, I'm 10 min late and we decide that this will be a great 16-17 miler! So let's have a coffee and tea to mark the occasion and head out for 5:30 am. So out we go with a great start, it is nice out, still fairly dark, pretty serene at 5:30am. 3 miles down the road there is a bathroom break, maybe I shouldn't have started off with the coffee? Glad there is a place to duck into, again it happens to be another Tim's. On we begin again, to the forest... this is where things get interesting. (I'm such a nerd!)

We run through the park coming to a point where I get to see this awesome sunrise! I'm wondering if my breath is clouding the picture and them realize that it is the mist coming off the water, how awesome! As we approach the top of this incline and turn left.... we discover a pile of ash, which seems interesting as we comment on the party leftovers from the night before. Then to make sure that it is out we check a bit closer, only to discover that the ash is still smoldering. What to do? Could we live with ourselves if this awesome picture was destroyed by a fire because we did nothing? Or was this really nothing at all? (did I mention I'm a nerd!) So we called 311, looking for a non-emergent #, letting them know that maybe some one might want to come out and take a peek to make sure nothing happens. They gave us the non-emergent police #, we explain again how this is not an emergency but maybe some one should take a peek at this. They transfer us to the fire department and again we explain the NON-emergent situation and that if they are sending someone to please let them know that it is NOT an emergency... So we agree to go back to the entrance of the park to show the firemen where this pile of smoldering ash is and I find myself completely embarrassed as they are driving with their lights flashing and their sirens blaring. Then trying to tell them it is a bit of a walk in and I don't know of any road closer... Well they carried in a fire extinguisher a broom and a shovel, could smell it before we got there, found as they moved the ash that the coals were still really hot, it was alright that we called. Although I have to wonder if they were just making us feel better because after all this I realize that I'm carrying a 2 liter pack with Gatorade! Probably could have done the trick? I'm gonna go with the professionals on this one, and we still had 13 miles to go.

So far ...

  1. We left 30 min late

  2. had a 15 min bathroom stop

  3. found leftovers of a fire and had to do something (40 min later)

Off we go again! We are going out to St. Norbert on our journey and along the way we are next travelling through Fort Whyte. Where we had some company. Missed getting a picture of "Beware of the geese as they will attack!" Apparently they are nesting and are aggressive at this time.

Did you know that Mcreary road and McGilvary blvd are actually outside the city limits? Well guess what we found out, yes it is!

This is our something new to learn today.

After this we head down to McDonald's on Kenaston for another bathroom break. Then off to find Pembina hi way.

Found some trails that it looks like the city is putting together, nice! After Kenaston turns into Bishop Grandin on the right they look like they are building trails. This is where we figure it either snowed or maybe the funding ran out for the moment. One day we will come back to see the finished product as they really have made this a great area and it will be a great trail. So from here we find Pembina.

Now it only sounds like the story is over, but you gotta hear about "pinky"! This is the dog we found on Pembina. It looked like it was out with its' owner for a walk, until after a few blocks we realize it didn't have an owner. It nearly gets hit be a few cars (3) and of course we decide that it may need some help. (I think I mentioned I'm a bit of a nerd?) So here we are, telling people it isn't ours, as it does look like it is walking with us, and then calling to it because we don't want to see it get hit by a car. Although it is a small dog, it must be cared for as it is well groomed and is wearing a bright pink jacket with princess written on the back, fur lined hood and all! So we catch up with him and decide that if it wants to come along with us we will try to find its owner later and get it back to its owner. Of course this is when it takes off and runs straight towards a passing train! Turns at the last minute, decides it would like to live a bit longer, and heads home in the direction it came from. A very satisfied stride as it goes! Maybe it just wanted to see if we needed another story to tell. (his run home looked like he did this route daily, go figure?)
We are now 3 miles from our goal! We can see the perimeter and we should be there shortly. As we get to where we are going we are beyond later than our expectations, but we are there and we have accomplished another 17 plus miles! And we have another interesting story to tell. Have a great week.


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