Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 11 Long Run

Another lesson coming up.....

Did I mention I like to PLAN? So tomorrow will be another free for all!? I'm not sure how else to explain our planned lack of planning.... We will be heading out about 6am, starting at the usual spot, Portage ave and Westwood drive (Tim Hortons). But from there I'm not sure where we are going. Could be an out and back or a one way (with a ride at the end).

Have you seen the commercial where they drive across country stopping at Tims along the way? I think our run tomorrow may be something like this, in the city from Tims to Tims. Not even sure how far we will be going....

But exciting news is that my vibram five fingers arrived and I can't wait to take them out for a long run tomorrow. I ordered them on line through MEC and they arrived quite quickly. I ordered two pair, one for myself and one for my husband. His were too small and mine fit him, so I think we just might have to share untill I get another pair in. I will let you all know if I'm returning these to MEC downtown. I have someone who is interested in trying them on, if they don't fit..... well there will be ONE pair of Vibram Five Fingers downtown at MEC Monday late afternoon. Check the sizing chart, these are a womens 41, which translates loosly into a ladies 9 or a mens 8.

See you all in the morning.



  1. Hello Nicole. And Gail! I recently read an article in the Lethbridge Herald about you guys doing your barefoot/ mukluk running and thought I ought to get in touch. You mention being inspired by "Born to Run" by C McDougall -- as I have been and many others. My excitement is due mainly to the fact that I'm working with a group here in southwestern Alberta, specifically the Pincher Creek/ Piikani (Blackfoot) First nation, whose aim is to promote and develop the same values as expressed in BTR. Our group is the Buffalo Runners Society, and our model is the ancient society by the same name -- whose task it was was to develop runners for the job of herding bison over buffalo jumps and into pounds. I'm convinced the elite Buffalo Runners of long ago were much like the Tarahumera, in terms of ability and in terms of fundamental values. (That the Blackfoot developed a fierce, war-like reputation i.e the scourge of the Great Plains, is due, in my opinion, to their desire to protect their animal kin -- their relations -- from intruders, at the beginning of the fur trade... but that's another story). In any case, I'd like to get your permission to link your blog to our website and Facebook group (website; Facebook group "Friends of Buffalo Runners"). AND, I'd like to inform you of our plan to host our annual "Buffalo Runner Half Marathon" between the communities of Pincher Creek and Brocket (on the Piikani Reserve, 20km east of Pincher) on July 31 this year, on a Saturday that will coincide with the beginning of the annual Brocket Indian Days Powwow. This means our event will be running over grand hills of spiritual significance, before descending into the community powwow grounds filled with tipis, drumming, etc. Should be really special. You can email through the website or directly at Would love to hear from you -- really like what you're doing, the spirit in which you're doing it, and who knows, perhaps one day we can recognize you as "Buffalo Runners"...

  2. does any one know where in winnipeg i can get a pair of vibrams??? thanks i have just started running barefoot and would like to try a pair