Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunday May 2

Well then!

Last Sunday mornings' run went terribly for me as I hadn't gotten enough sleep the several nights before and so I ended up going back to bed very quickly (3 miles tops!). I keep hearing that there are days that you head out and find that 'this is not your day'. It bugs me! I think everyday is MINE! Or should be... The body does pose arguments for its' benefit to take breaks and will usually win, and sometimes it is the kids who demand the time. I am excited that with running it is something that I don't need a gym for at least, although it could be another great excuse if it was never open when... but there are the 24hr ones so I guess kids and body talk (complaining) will have to do as the best excuse for now.

With that complaining remark, I must add how fast recovery has been without running shoes. It takes time to get there and built up in the calves and feet, but recovery from a long run of 10-13 miles used to take me three days. Now I find that ice and a great nights sleep seem to be fine. I can walk the next morning without limping, I do get tired quickly though if I head out for a run on the Monday after. Just an interesting piece of info.

I have just noticed that the week before an event I seem to have trouble on the long runs. I wonder if this is my body telling me subconsciously that I really do need that taper week? So it appears. This Sunday morning we will not be meeting at Tim's, but will instead be running at the Police half marathon. I'm thinking of this as another training run for my first marathon coming up at the end of May. I'm just now feeling the pressure to get the miles in, maybe that's because I haven't been out all week, or maybe it is because I now think myself insane for signing up in the first place!

Hopefully this weekend after the half, and a really great breakfast, I will have the opportunity to run home and add a few miles to the days run. I feel the need to get 20 miles in somewhere between now and then, keeping in mind the whole week of taper my body will probably throw in there just to muck with my brain!

Sunday is all for a great cause. Who doesn't know someone affected by this terrible disease?

Hope to see you all out and about!



  1. Good luck at the Cops Half. Might be a chilly one... snow?! I'll be running too... I'll be wearing an orange Nike hat. Smile if you see me. Mike

  2. We didn't spot your orange hat. Hope you had a great run.

  3. It was very good... a PB by 8 seconds. Life is good. :>) M