Monday, July 12, 2010

Going back in time.... One whole week...

So I'm going to travel us back in time to Sunday July 4th. Gail invited us out to her mother-in-laws cottage for Saturday night and Sunday. What a great end to one week and a fabulous start to the next, really, what more could I have asked for?!

West Hawk Lake area is where we went. G has been talking about running this trail area, part of the Trans Canada Trail and I was excited to go and see it. We have been talking about trail running, have signed up for an ultra, and yet have very little to no clue as to what we are in for! (This goes for B as well!) So sunday morning we sleep in until 5:45am as we are going out a bit later in the morning with a 6 am start. C will also be joining us as he and his family are also out for the weekend. The excitement is almost overwhelming as we are not only trail running, on some actual trail, there could be 4 of us out there.... at the same time! WooHoo!!

The trail was nice and soft on the vibrammed feet! The small inclines were quite unexpected, though I loved the other side of them, I feel like this is my time to catch up to everyone! It is a 7.5 mile trail into a neighbouring town where we stopped for a coffee. G & C ran back as B and I waited for a ride back. Two weeks after B's knee surgery I decided that 7.5 miles was enough! And after being married to him for the past 15 years, I know better than to let him make that decision!

I was expecting to be fighting mosquitos along the way, and was happily suprised that there were very few and far between. Along the trail there were wild raspberries for a snack. How nice for God to provide along route when I've forgotten my pack at home!
All in all...... I can't wait to do some more trails! Have a great week.


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