Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Running Barefoot is a lot Like Breastfeeding

Having a desire to do something and being able to do it are completely different things.  And so I find myself stalled out at running 6 miles in the vibrams,having to switch back to the old shoes for the rest of the run, then dealing with disappointment about it.   My body loves to run without running shoes but  my feet are a bit on the wimpy side, so I am always careful at switching over before the blisters form on the ball of the foot.  I have not been able to do speed work barefoot either as I am guaranteed blisters ( but man does it ever feel good to let 'er rip without running shoes).  So for now I will stick to the routine as I tell myself it is important to go at one's own pace. It is most important to keep enjoying the runs and increase barefoot mileage only when it is comfortable to do so.  For  all you slow transitioners out there I say don't worry about it.  It'll come.

I'll spare you the breastfeeding story.....


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