Monday, July 5, 2010

the lost run....


I think I mentioned I would get back to'the lost run'. Actually it's really just the pictures I forgot to post along the way, from a run where we got lost, and we haven't found this place again..... although I did try, but have not yet found the right trail.
These are pelicans on the Red River. It was beautiful to see them so close, we are on the Moray bridge looking down.
It is nice to see that wildlife also enjoy living in a community! The two families of geese here seemed to be having a great time beside the river watching the pelicans fly by.

This is where we got to and have no idea how. It was wet and amazing to find ourselves here, and it is somewhere in the forest, still have no idea how we got there and I haven't found my way back there either....yet!

The sunrise from our 'lost' spot on the run. The view from here was incredible, and the amout of water was.... you know this is Winnipeg. (about 4 weeks ago)

So that is the story of the 'lost run'...... but if the truth is told, it really isn't that hard for me to get lost! It has happened on more than one occasion on our long runs. It has also happenned that I have run us in circles thinking I was trying a new trail only to end up where we began. Funny thing is I have a garmin (GPS)...... so the thing is, I cann't tell you where we are, but when I get home, plug in the garmin...... I can tell you where we've been! I always find this funny!



  1. "...can't tell where we are... tell me where we've been.." I like that... good imagery and reflective of life in general. We often don't know where we are until we've been there. Good post. Too much water! Mike