Friday, October 29, 2010

Hope and Inspiration

We have been following this Manitoba girl since the beginning of her run and  are rooting for her every step of the way as she completes her Cross Canada Run.  The goal in itself is admirable, but her background story is incredible.  Hope.

Recently Candace was in Winnipeg raising funds for her run.  We were inspired by a radio interview which mentioned that she was in need of a new pair of running shoes.  Wanting to show our support for her mission,  The Winnipeg Barefoot Runners decided to buy her a pair.  This may seem odd considering most of us don't wear running shoes and those that do, haven't bought a pair in years nor intend to.  We decided to purchase them from City Park Runners as we have had good experience with them in the past (awesome customer service).  The owner was so inspired by meeting Candace and hearing her story that he also bought her a pair!  We would like to wish Candace all the best and send out a big thank you to Erik who has an awesome running store and for supporting her run.

My name is Candace Sutherland.
I am currently running across Canada to raise funds for 4 charities in a run I'm calling Vision4Hope. I began this run on March 20th and expect to spend the better part of a year on the road. See the map below for the progress I have made so far.

A run likes this takes money to pay for administrative expenses such as food, fuel, lodging, and vehicle repairs. Right now our funds are very low and we need support. To donate to my administrative account please click here.

Candace Sutherland

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