Monday, October 18, 2010

Nuu-Muu Review

 I like pretty things.  Pretty running things.  Well, up until recently just pretty running skirts.  Shorts have a tendency to bunch up in an area you don't want them to. Skirts are nearly perfect except they don't do anything to hide the belly area if the shirt rides up which tends to happen to me, especially when wearing a backpack.

 I contacted Christine, Founder and Creative Director and Enid, Designer and Maker of Magic at  and they sent me one to try out for Vulture Bait.  It arrived a few days prior to my departure date and I confess to wearing it constantly before even running in it because it is that comfortable and cute.  Luckily I remembered to wash it in time and throw it in the suitcase  on my way to London, Ontario for the race.  The dress came out  of the suitcase wrinkle free and on race day I wore it over a long sleeve technical shirt as it was  a chilly 3C in the early part of the morning.

The dress is an A-Line design made from a polyester and spandex blend  and fits true to size. I suspect there aren't too many  running dresses around even in Ontario as I had quite a few runners ask me about it ( now I know how Bob feels).  I am happy to report the dress did not ride up at all during my run and remained comfortable throughout. Unfortunately I did not get to test the dress to its potential as I decided ahead of time to only run 1/4 of the race due to  having a bout of pneumonia.  However, I did manage one good wipe out on the course.  The dress was unscathed, although my knee was not. I found the dress to be the right length and plan to wear short spankies underneath when running in warmer weather.  This leads to another bonus of wearing a dress for us trail  distance runners who need to use the ahem,  washroom from time to time when there is none around.  I won't go into detail for our more sensitive readers.  Lets just say it will be much easier to manage these awkward situations in a dress.

 I have never seen these dresses before, there are a a variety of patterns to choose from and yet I came across another runner wearing the exact same dress!    We had both heard rumours of   someone else wearing "our" dress but we only spotted each other after the race.  Maryka ordered hers at the beginning of the summer and  says she has worn it to every race since receiving it.  I believe she recently finished a 100 miler.  You can't tell by the photo  but she has mud on her pants and dried mud (in true Vulture Bait fashion) all up the side of one arm and again her dress has come out unscathed.  She said she bought hers because she doesn't like her belly showing either.   I have a feeling we're going to see a lot more of these dresses in the future.

 I love the dress.  I knew I would.  Thanks Christine and Enid.  Happy Trails!


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh!!! So pretty!!!!

  2. Thanks Gail! I always gets a ton of compliments, and I was voted "best dressed" at the Haliburton 100 miler this year. It's hard to convince people that I wear it for function not fashion (ok...maybe a little for fashion). I think I might have to order another one for next season ;)