Friday, June 3, 2011

Personal bests

May 1st was a very cold and blustery day. I had a personal best for my half marathon time at 2:21:51. It was an exciting day for me as I have been chasing a wanted time of 2:30 for about 4 years, getting close with a 2:32 two years ago. Enter in some new training, both with an awesome trainer and with City Park Runners (whom the trainer referred me to) and this is what I was able to accomplish. I also had some great company along the way with my husband and a friend (both are faster runners than I) who helped keep the pace up beyond where I'm used to running. It was a great day.

May 29th was a cool day, but not as blustery. There was no snow on the ground either. My goal was to duplicate the run on May 1st, as I wanted to know if this would be something I could do a second time. Would I be able to be consistent?


It was another great start to the day, prayer was in my mind and my ears (this is a Sunday morning), I am feeling grateful and a little scared. I have a strategy, but I won't go into that, because I blow it as I head out from the start WAY TOO FAST! Much faster than I know I can hold, along the way I do find some people who have a great steady pace to follow and it is awesome that my lungs are feeling strong.... even at the halfway point.

The last 4 miles it strikes me that I still have something left, then in 3 miles I notice the same, and at 2 miles left I want to start to push a bit more. In my head it doesn't seem right what the garmin is telling me, so I wait for the last mile. Just before the turn at this mark I'm passed, I could hear her footsteps. I think it may be time to see what is left, staying behind her I just try to keep up, and it's hard..... very hard. The last 1/4 mile I feel that she dragged me along, as I couldn't quite keep up. After crossing the finish line I barley got out the 'Thank You' to her as my lungs now felt like they had gotten a Tuesday night speed interval.

My finish... 2:11:01

Wow, what a great morning! I feel the need to say a huge thank you to Christ of course who gets the hardest job of keeping me focused on the love of running and the dream He's given me. My Husband who encourages and lets me get out to train, and my kids who train me (you parents will understand). There are those I run with who push me along as well, usually that's Gail's' job (and they put up with my banter as well?). To the awesome trainer who has helped me accomplish some other personal goals, and to City Park Runners who have really helped bring my running along.

I also have to say a thank you to all the awesome bloggers out there (check out our blog roll) who have added to my knowledge base for running. This sharing of information is so helpful and I have learned so much!

After seeing what a month of hills and speed intervals can do I'm really excited to keep up with this new schedule.

Hope you all had a great week.


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