Sunday, June 12, 2011

Journey of 1,000 Barefoot Miles - Week Ending June 12th, 2011

So let's start with the good, prior to me standing on my soap box about a couple of things that happened this week, that still leaves me shaking my head.


Well here we are, 7 days away and counting from my first true attempt at a full bare foot marathon. Yes, I did start some some major runs last year barefoot including the Treherne Marathon (after over 18 miles of dirt and bad asphalt roads completed the VFF's came out to finish) and Vulture Bait 50km Trail Ultra, but unfortunately I was unable to complete the entire event san shoe. In this regard, I have been getting more and more excited about this, even though it is a road race and I have grown quite fond of trail running, I am expecting this one to be a whole lot of fun. I would expect there to be quite a few more runners and spectators than I have had the pleasure to witness previously, thus more questions and comments as I try to demonstrate how much fun running can be without the boat anchors (shoes).

Don't get me wrong, I will be going out with a goal time to complete, but I am also determined to have a 'VERY GOOD TIME' along the way. Competition is good, but if you are not having fun while you are doing it, then to me that just doesn't make sense. My philosophy is start with a big grin, the middle will be filled with lots of fun, and finish with a even bigger grin. Life is full of ups and downs, finishing a marathon period should be considered a big up, don't you think?

I know I consider it a big up, a couple of years ago, running 1 mile let alone 26.2 miles was the furthest thing from my mind. With my knee issues, it was a real concern just chasing my kids around, so I consider myself blessed (did I just write that?), to have been able to find a way to run and enjoy every minute or hour of it.

As barefoot running is pretty shocking to some, I am expecting to get a lot of comments, possibly some questions along the way, and hopefully some cheering and laughs of support for the 'guy with no shoes'. I am hoping that nobody will be offended if I get into a zone and pushing along at a good clip, if I do not acknowledge them right away, its nothing personal. I try my best to share my experiences and knowledge (little as it might be), with all those that ask or are curious about the way that I run. I really am not that outgoing normally, but I do have a passion for barefoot running and that is one topic that if you let me I can ramble on and on about.

Live and embrace your bliss, because life is to short not too.

So needless to say, I am very excited about next Sunday and the experiences to come.

Now to the bad and my soap box,

I am a little perplexed at some of the happenings this week, I just don't understand some people and the things that they do. I am beyond shaking my head and just carrying on with life, so I am going to vent.

First of all, Tuesday I am running down Regent Ave minding my own business, and this very kind driver decided to move over to the curb lane to race through a big puddle and splash me. Now this would normally not bother me to much, but the other lanes (all 3 of them) were clear, no traffic at all. Didn't slow down or try to avoid the puddle, just appeared to want to splash me. Is there a sport out there that I am not aware of called splash the runner, or did this ignorant douche' bag just think it was funny. I almost threw my Vibram at them, I was so mad, but once again why waste my time.

But really, are people that callus and ignorant that they think that is the proper thing to do, my biggest complaint is that nobody respects anybody anymore, and that is too bad, a little more respect shown by all would make the world a better place.

Secondly, I was out for my last longer run this morning and on my way back home, when I reached a fairly major intersection in Charleswood. Now I have learned a long time ago do not take for granted that a driver has seen you, make sure they are looking right at you before you start to cross the street, etc. Well this was one of those situations, I waited on the island to make sure the lady in the car saw me, she slowed to a stop before the crosswalk markings signalling to me that she saw me and was allowing me to cross from the island to the side of the road. I waved and smiled at her, and commenced across, this was when it all went wrong. I got to the point of no return, and she stepped on the gas and flew at me like she was trying to hit me. I literally had to lunge forward and contort my body to miss the front of her car. She missed me by a fraction of a inch, If I was any slower she would of taken my legs out and I would of flew over the hood of her car, I was in shock and the explicits starting rolling out of my mouth. She came to a screeching halt at the yield sign to pull onto the main road, I was so freaked out that I almost got hit, I didn't think to go find out why she did what she did. Now whether she stopped because she had a brain seizure or if she was just checking to see if she got me or not I will never know, because as soon as I thought to go check on her, she sped away without a sorry or nothing. Needless to say, I was freaked out the rest of the way home and very nervous about crossing any roads, etc.

Now I like to think the best of everybody and hope that everybody has a good heart, but with those two examples above my resolve has wained a little bit. Not completely, but a little bit. I was really going to go into a tirade about it when I started writing, but along the way I think I mellowed a little bit because although it is ridiculous that some people act this way, I know the majority do not and I hope could not ever do something like that. Enough said, coming down off soap box now.

Anyway back to the mileage achievements for the week. As of the end of last week I just cracked the 200 mile mark, and was hoping for a good week. I also think I rambled on too much above so I am really going to limit my breakdowns to a quick summary, so here we go:

Monday, June 6, 2011
Barefoot: 4.45 miles
Vibram: 0.00 miles
Total: 4.45 miles

WH3 run on Monday night, called the Pirate Hash (Aaaaaarrrggggh) where the majority dressed up as pirates and ran thru the streets. Good time by all, did some hill training on Garbage Hill, spooking a few runners going up while they were coming down (don't know if it was the costumes or my bare feet, but I am chalking it up to the costumes).

Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Barefoot: 8.43 miles
Vibrams: 0.00 miles
Total: 8.43 miles

This was the infamous 'Splash Gate' of above during my lunch run, even with that it was a good run. Can't let the simple-minded few spoil my views of the world.

Wednesday June 8, 2011
Barefoot: 6.36 miles
Vibrams: 0.00 miles

Total: 6.36 miles

Another lunch run, had to cut it shorter than originally anticipated due to work load in the office, but it still felt good to just get out and run. Lots of resistance training, as the wind was gusting to 60 km/hr and swirling so I was getting blasted which ever way I was heading. I even think I swallowed a fly along the way as well, oh well protein.

Thursday June 9, 2011

Barefoot: 8.43 miles

Vibrams: 0.00 miles
Total: 8.43 miles

Run with City Park on Thursday night, not my best run, found it really hard to get motivated, felt like I was just going through the motions. Really did not like that feeling, but I knew I would have those once in a while, so hopefully I won't have one again for a long time.

Saturday June 11, 2011
Barefoot: 4.75 miles
Vibrams: 0.00 miles
Total: 4.75 miles

Morning run with City Park, was suppose to be a easy 8.0 km run as we taper towards the big run next week, so we went out slow and easy and maintained it until about 1 km to go, where I hit the park and decided to let it all hang out. Hit 9.9 miles/per hour and maintained that for the last km, think I freaked a few walkers from the 20 km Cancer Walk Event as I blew by them. Hee hee, I really wasn't trying to, honestly.

Sunday June 12, 2011
Barefoot: 15.09 miles
Vibrams: 0.00 miles
Total: 15.09 miles

Ssshhh, don't tell anybody I did this, as it was suppose to be the start of taper week. I really haven't had the opportunity to go out for a fairly lengthy run on a Sunday in a while, so I felt this was my opportunity. I look back now, and think maybe somebody was trying to tell me something, as I almost got killed during this run. Hmmm maybe this taper thing has something to it.

So without further delay, as I do not want any further chances of injury this week, here are the totals for the week:

Week Total:
Barefoot: 47.75 miles

Vibrams: 0.00 miles
Total: 47.75 miles

and Year To Date:

Year to Date Total:
Barefoot: 250.16 miles
Vibrams: 71.26 miles
Total: 321.42 miles

Just passed the quarter way mark, under 750 miles to go.

For all of you who will be running the Manitoba Marathon, I wish you a heart filled 'Good Luck', and I hope to see you all on Sunday. I know I will be running with a smile, how about you?

May the soles of your feet take you on a journey of enlightening.

On On.


  1. i have started to run barefoot. i am up to 13 miles in my vibrams about 5 miles barefoot. i run around transcona and never see any one running barefoot or in vibrams and i also run regent ave quite often. am i running at the wrong times lol?

  2. Not sure if you got my email or not, but a quick response is, I work in Transcona (Dugald Road), and try to get out for a run during my lunch daily, doesn't always happen as work does get in the way. Typically I do 6 to 8 miles via various routes around noon. Other than that most of my runs are on the other side of the city closer to home. When do you usually run, as meeting another barefoot runner is always good, I can introduce to a couple of others that dabble as well.


  3. mm i didnt get the e-mail. for some reason i have a hard time leaving comments here something at my end. i quite often do my long runs on sundays along regent/nairn then where ever my toes take me :0) . during the week its usually along the new path in the back of transcona nice running up along the highway try e-mailing me again and i will watch for it . happy running , cat