Monday, November 7, 2011

Barefoot Running, Blogging In General and New Avenues of Pursuit

It's kind of funny, I hi-jacked Nicole and Gail's blog last year with the intent only of having an outlet or place per say to get some of the thoughts that are constantly running through my head on a run out. I was also kind of using it as personal log of my runs, including both highs and lows along my journey, so one day when I was old and feeble I could look back and see what I was up to when I was in my late  30's and early 40's.

I have been at this for a little over a year now, and it appears that as this blog approaches 15,000 page views there are people out there that not only read it, but also appear to enjoy reading it. This is honestly very intriguing to me, as I really don't consider myself that interesting of a person, and there are a number of Barefoot Running Blogs out there to choose from, so thanks to everyone who has been tuning in with me for this ride.

But that being said, I am having the time of my life, not only the running portion but also the getting healthy and trying new things aspect. In the last post, I mentioned I had ran with a bunch of triathletes who run various Ironman events, listening to them talk about the races and how much of a community feeling the participants experience has peeked my interest in maybe trying one of these in the next couple of years. I seem to be drawn to this type of environment, the barefoot runners community is very much about this, everybody is willing to share their experiences (both good and bad), and are quick to provide advise to any that ask for help. This I like, and has become my philosophy, I make a point to answer any questions that anybody presents to me to the best of my ability, because the sharing of knowledge is powerful and if I can help someone avoid making a mistake I will. This also true of the Ultra marathon community as well, I believe this is why I am being drawn to these activities as much as I am.

To further this I was sent a link to one of the most inspiring clips I have ever seen, if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye, I don't know what will.

One day a son asks his father:
"Daddy, will you run the marathon with me?"
The father answers yes and both run their first marathon together.
One day, the son asks his father if he wants to run the marathon with him again and the father answers yes. They both run the marathon together again.
Then one day the son asks his father:
"Daddy, will you run the Ironman with me?" (the Ironman is the requires a 4km swim, 180km biking and 42km running).
The father says yes again.
This all sounds easy...but check this video.

To think what this man did for his son, has made me believe that you can do anything as long as in your heart you believe you can. So with this I will pushing forward with some of my goals in the new year and commence training for the Ultra marathons and start learning how to swim (yes, I do not know how to swim) and start looking into the biking thing a little more seriously. More things to write about for next year. Also I will be continuing to run barefoot as much as possible, because it is my bliss.

Until next time,

Keep smiling because life is to short not to. 


  1. Now if only I could convince you to eat better!!!

  2. When you take up biking let me know. I want to bike with the big boys and girls too but don't know where to start!

  3. First things first to my lovely wife, I am eating 10 times better this year than last with many thanks to you. I am a lot more likely to pass up the fast food burger for a soup and a sandwich. Do you know how much salt is in one of those things McRotten Rodney's calls a burger, yuck.
    Secondly, Gail no time like the present, even though it is winter, might have to go for a couple of rides now and then. Then full out in the spring, might even start trying to bike to work again if I can run it I should be able to bike it (I hope), and your a hell of a better cyclist then I. ;)