Thursday, November 17, 2011

Minimus Vs. Zems

These are too tight with a thicker sock now that the colder weather has arrived. Time to say goodbye to the Minimus until next spring. This caused a bit of panic as I didn't want to go back to the old running shoes. I did that last year and found I reverted back to my old stride when it came time to change shoes in the Spring.

These are the zems from last year. Not impressed that the bottoms wore through after a few outside runs. These were made to be used in the sand so I shouldn't have been surprised.

Here is the newer running version. It accomodated a thicker sock without any discomfort. The bottom has a durable rubber so I took them for a run....

..and HOLY GEEZ WOW these are great! The tops provide much more freedom and this led to an all together better running experience. I did not realize how confined my feet were until wearing these. Zems are not going to cut it when the weather gets even colder but for now I am having much fun discovering the freedom of movement again!

Note: I have feet that get cold easily. Some of you more hearty footed people may not have to switch footwear for awhile yet. Especially Bob as I expect he will be running 'naked' until Decemer!


  1. I bought those Merrell minimal shoes a half size too big so they would accommodate a bigger sock. I've only run in them once but I am hoping they will do for winter.

  2. Whatcha trying to say Gail, December is hopefully the minimum for the bf running. I would like to go out at least once a week for a short run barefoot throughout the winter. But only time will tell.

  3. My wife tried the Merrell's with Goretex but they hurt her on the side somewhere so she had to return them. We both run in VFFs or barefoot and had to have something warmer for our toes in the winter. For this winter we've settled on neoprene kayaking shoes, the NRS Kicker Remix, specifically. I couldn't run below about 1 C in leather VFF's w/ wool toe socks without early frostbite on some toes but in the neoprene with wool boot socks I've pushed it to -2 C and my feet were very warm. I'm hoping to keep going as low as it gets here in central Illinois, usually no more than -6 to -10 C.

  4. Great comment Tom, it is always good to hear other runners experiences on what works for them. The idea of using kayaking shoes (or scuba boots) is pretty common. The biggest thing is to experiment to see what works for you. Happy Running.