Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quieting the Naysayers - Zola Budd Kicking Some Barefoot A$$

One of my favorite barefoot runners of all time, a lot of people doubted her ability to run with the elite runners. This was her first televised race in the UK, how I would love to run like that.


  1. Great viDeo, thanks for sharing. I met Zola earlier this year, she was home to promote Newton shoes. She has registered to run the 2012 Comrades Marathon.

  2. Glad you liked the video Staci, Zola is a fantastic runner and I would one day like the chance to shake her hand and say thankyou for all she has done for the sport of running. The Comrades Marathon looks like a great run, with a great history and one that I would like to run one day. Staci, are you still in CSA or are you relocated to another part of the world? I have a friend over here that was originally from South Africa who still splits time between SA, Canada and Dubai, he tells me it is quite a place to explore. One day

    For anybody that wants to check out the Comrades Marathon and its history, I have attached the link to their website. Pretty cool stuff