Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to the beginning......

So I was thinking back to last year when we read the book "Born to Run; a hidden tribe, super athletes, and the greatest race to world will never see". We became inspired by the information in the book to try running alternatively, without the aid of cushioned shoes. Trying to find alternatives and still keep our feet protected from broken glass, sharp rocks, Ice snow and other temperatures has been interesting. This blog started off with the intention of finding like minded people who have been doing this as well, we enjoy the learning experience. Or those who wanted to try something and were as lost as we were in this totally new world of minimal footwear. It has grown into something where we are finding great advice about running in general (thanks M as I was hoping to take a few days off after working so hard). We have found other running groups where we have been able to grow our running experiences, and we understand that this barefoot thing is not for everyone. Thanks for all the awesome inspiration and advice in your comments.

We still feel new at this and have had a great time trying to figure out the safest way to make the transition. I think that going into the winter was the hardest of all. We lost the 'feel' of the road because of -20 temps and colder, bare footing is just not that appropriate. So as we get into the spring and summer we will find it a bit easier to experiment with feeling the road. Although I must say that I absolutely love my vibrams, and these are now what I am consistently running in.

Aside from the barefoot issue, the book also inspired us to see other things in our lives as well.

I believe that Coach Vigil was a huge inspiration for us both. He gave his athletes things to develop in their character as they trained as runners. At the side of our blog page we have his quote about living abundantly, relationships, and integrity. If this book has not yet been digested by your mind I would recommend it. There is so much more to this book than just bare footing, everyone I have talked to about their experience with the book has revealed something new to me. As we all see the world through our own experiences we all collect information differently as well, so it doesn't surprise me that we all take something different away from this book as it is so packed with information and one heck of an awesome story.......

If you have read this book, please leave us your thoughts, what did you get from it?



  1. Funny you mention this now. I am currently tweeking my training journal for the ultra, and the philosophy of Born to Run has permeated a large part of the training plan. Nice post Nicole!

  2. After reading this post I ordered Born To Run from Amazon. I'm looking for inspiration as I head into the MB full. B2R sounds like it will fit the bill nicely. Thanks for the suggestion. Mike