Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sundays Police Half...

So the Police half has come and gone and we are all healing well?! Some better than others... I am hoping you all had a fantastic run! I'm going to stop talking about mine (complaining that is) and look at the awesome accomplishments of those I was blessed to meet Sunday morning.

First, my husband ran his first 1/2 and finished very well, both in time and in how he has been feeling. G did very well also as she was very upbeat and positive throughout the run. We also had another friend running who was also finishing her first 1/2, and what an excellent run she had for herself.

Everyone seemed to learn something about themselves during the run. I really enjoy that about running, there is always something you can learn and take with you into your life and onto the next run.

I'm not going to complain about my run as I am finally at peace with the mistakes I made along the way, but part of needing to bite my tongue comes from a gentle reminder that someone else is always worse off than you (me). When they can be hurt a bit more than me and then smile and laugh about it..... well I guess it is time to just "suck it up!"

On our way out from the run, on our way to the car we met a man, M. Well, M had some issues with his race and WOW, he could not stop smiling! This is what it is all about people, the enjoyment along the road. The experiences we are having and the people we are privileged to meet. M's issues are something we have all heard about, but I have personally never seen. What a trooper! M had a great time and is looking forward to running another race soon, good luck on your journey,. He shared with us a bit of his story with loosing weight, and now he is continuing along to try and loose more. What I could not get over was the great big smile on his face! I'm still wowed by it. Thanks M for letting us share your picture here.


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