Friday, May 13, 2011

Maybe a 50km weekend?

This weekend we have decided to change things up. This was the weekend we have been training for, our first 50km finish. Unfortunately the park is flooded out and this run has been postponed until August 20th. (I will have to wait for my first official 50km finish until then…). I think there is a lesson in here about patience, training, and recognizing my actual readiness (not just what I perceive in my mind). This lesson will be closer studied after this weekend.

Because of the postponement we have decided that we would like to tackle this distance on our own. Bob and I are running this distance on Saturday as we had a sitter booked (she booked the day off work for us), and so we decided that it would be nice to run together seeing as we have the opportunity. This is not something we are able to do often as sitters get expensive after a while, and they are busy as well with their teenage lives.

This is something I am looking forward to. Bob and I don’t often get to spend this kind of alone time together. So many things are going through my mind; it’s like a first date again. How long until he runs off and I can’t keep up anymore? For any of you who know my husband you know how he shoots out at the start, I’ll be glad there’s no one counting down. Will he be able to run as slowly as I? If not, will I be able to catch up around 17-24 mile mark? (Almost happened once) Oh well, I’m not 17 anymore (far cry from that, thank the good Lord) so I know that these things don’t really matter, I’m going to enjoy tomorrows run for as long as it goes. (He has promised not to run to far off on me; it isn’t a race or anything)

It’s funny how we get caught up in our lives and it’s these little things that we can appreciate, getting to go on a long run with my husband. I am becoming more grateful for the postponement (not the flood), as I wouldn’t have had the chance to spend such a great amount of my day uninterrupted with my awesome husband. Of course our children are a welcomed interruption into our lives; it will be nice to spend a day together.

Back to packing; I wonder what I’ll be able to fill my bag with for this 50km run. (Camera for sure, snacks, water, more water...)

Have a spectacular weekend…. See you Sunday.


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