Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer and long run sundays, May 29th

So here we have arrived at another week gone by and another Sunday morning is upon us. It seems that spring has arrived and with it our summer schedules. The awesome weather keeps our families busy after the long winter.

This week we all have a bit different plans for the morning run and will each be doing a different distance at a different time. I find it more motivating to get out there for the long runs when there is someone else to run with, especially for a 4-5 hour run. It keeps me from hearing that voice in my head that's trying to tell me I'm tired, or sore. I like to think that when I hear that someone else is tired and sore I can be a positive voice, one that (after my own whining of course) can spur us onward to finish the goal for the day. But tomorrow is something else.

My husband and I grew up in military families. Yes, we are base brats! 3 years ago I ran a personal best in the inaugural Air Force Run here in Winnipeg. (2:32) I had a great fellow who paced me along and got me in. I so enjoyed the run and of course both my husband and myself support our military and the awesome work they do. Last year it was Bobs' turn to run this race in support, and he enjoyed this run as well. This year we are happy to again support the run and I'm excited for it to be my turn again.

I don't usually run with goals in mind, not the sort I find I hear allot about from other runners. There usually isn't a time I want to beat, I've been trying to get under a 2:30 half marathon time for 4 years now and just finally conquered that this May 1st in the police half. Now I would like to see if that was a fluke, or could I do it again? I mostly run with the goal of 'some thing under 2:45 would be nice... ' Because this goal has been out of reach for so long I decided to focus on the distance instead. So tomorrow I am excited to put a little pressure on myself, try to keep a steady pace, and try again to run for a time goal of under 2:30 for the half marathon. There! I've said it out loud and now I'm committed (or I may be after the run tomorrow)......

Have a fantastic week running!


Don't forget to enjoy the moments we meet along our way.

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  1. Congratulations Nicole on your awesome personal best. Beating your last time by 10 minutes is amazing!