Monday, May 30, 2011

Running Footwear Update

This is what I ran in most of last year....$7.00  swim shoes.  These actually worked  quite well except that  the soles wore out every 4 weeks and I didn't like the idea of using a disposable shoe.

When the winter months arrived I reverted back to these ancient oldies except on the very coldest of days when I dug out the mukluks.  I was a bit shocked to find that come Spring my feet would not tolerate jumping into the  longer distances in swim shoes as we had accumulated more running miles during the winter months.  Rather than retrain my feet all over again, I decided to rip out the insoles and continue running in these.

Other runners seem to transition very well into running barefoot, but although my desire is there , I need to progress slowly...and what can I say, I am lazy in that department.  Things were going along fine until  a few weeks ago, while attempting to run sideways up Mount Trashmore , my feet came through the side of the shoes and I figured I better get a plan B.

This is plan B.   I actually went out to buy vibrams but struggled with getting my  toes in the right places ( I already have a pair of vibrams but they are too small for running as my feet swell. The toes are not difficult to get into of the ones I already own so they must wear in after awhile). I found this frustrating and decided to try the minimus trail shoe.  They are seriously light weight, have a vibram sole, and have no cushioning in  them that I can tell.  I think they are worth a try for those who want a minimal shoe.  I bought them at City Park Runners.

PS: My oldies are not ready for the garbage yet. For the time being the minimus will be worn on hills only.


  1. Hi ya, Not sure if you follow No Meat Athlete's blog, but he's reviewed Vibrams in his latest post. Thought you might be interested. Go here

    or follow the link on See mike Run. I'm intrigued with minimalist footwear. Thanks for posting. M

  2. Thanks for the comment. I read the post and found it interesting. I am enjoying the minimus shoe, although I only wear them indoors ( they wouldn't allow my old shoes in the building!) and on the hills. I hope you will let us know how you make out if you try a minimalist shoe.