Friday, March 26, 2010

Again I have arrived at another Friday. Safe and sound, mostly.

Last Sundays run was a nice 10km around the zoo. I initially found the thought of doing 5 laps around hard, but it got easier and I was able to scout the trail/road/paths better. My husband had some swim shoe issues which hurt his feet, something inside rubbed a huge blister into his heel, but he was incredibly brave and went completely barefoot for at least a full km. This of course caused me to feel that I had to keep up and loose the shoes as I went along. Admittedly though it was a bit too pebbly for me and I don't think I did half the distance that he did. Being completely barefoot did slow me a bit as I was carefully watching where my feet landed. I don't do well with pain, we are not friends. I did have a great run with a personal best, and a personal joy of having the opportunity to race with my husband!

The morning started off with a beautiful sunrise and a half awake teenager greeting us with some grunts at her door as we dropped off our kids on our way. A huge THANK YOU to our awesome niece O for the 2 hours we had to go and run together, without her one of us would have had to sit and watch with the kids. This is a thought that one day I think I would like to take the kids to see my husband run one of these races....... We'll see.

This weekend is still on the discussion table... who wants to run 3hours? 4 hours? trail? road? so many questions, so little time...... ooooooo then there is always biking somewhere to run? Let us know your thoughts...


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