Friday, March 12, 2010

A new level of Insanity?

So here we are, coming to another weekend, another long run Sunday around the corner. We are very apprehensive about this run as we have signed up for a 'trail' run adding some mileage to our last weeks 16 miler. This run is about 17 miles, but it will be on some new terrain for us.

It is always nice to know you are about to have a new experience...... Although it can be a bit scary too!

So here it is, our starting point will be at Willow Island road and Snowman trail, one mile south of Gimli, 8am! We will be running to Grand Marais...ACROSS THE LAKE.

So I have this need to explain a sermon I heard this week, actually there were two on the same subject, Monster Faith and Getting in Over your Head. They seem appropriate for this weekends run. It is all about how when we get in over our heads we then seem to recognize the need for help. I think that is where God sometimes likes us to be, in over our heads, because we seem to rely on Him way more than if we stay safely on shore. Thinking this was a lesson I seem to keep having to relearn over and over, I realized that I just may need some more practice every now and then. Kind of a reminder that it isn't all me, and of course, how much more I can do when it's not all me.

So that's the plan, get in over me head (I'm still bringing extra supplies, water, clothes, compass, power bars) then hold onto prayer as we run across the lake. WooHoo. In checking with all my other senses, I am really at peace with the decision to go on this crazy ass run. Which really makes me wonder.....



  1. Good luck on the Polar Bear Run. I am so envious! it will be an amazing experience. Bring your camera. I like the image of getting in over your head.... makes good sense. Leave your comfort level on the shore for a few hours. You'll come out the other shore stronger and wiser. Mike

  2. Thanks, I have a feeling you know what you're talking about. Hope to post some amazing photos monday!