Monday, March 1, 2010

Vibrams Spotted

While in the washroom trying to preserve my dignity after completing the Hypothermic Half,  overheard a crowd of women cackling over a certain pair of shoes. Stumbling  out of the stall I noticed a woman wearing a lovely pair of vibrams,  surprised she can pull it off in February.  This is the first person outside of our little group I have seen wearing them.

Nicole snapped this gorgeous picture somewhere around mile 10.
We seem to see something beautiful on every  long run and it is a wonderful gift to experience it.


  1. Hi Gail and Nicole,

    I loved the article on the 2 of you in today's Winnipeg Free Press - how amazing! I've never heard of the barefoot running philosophy before but, it makes total sense. Maybe I should pick up that book "Born To Run".

    I'm writing to you because my business partner (Mara) and I started a mukluk company this past year, called Sweet Pedtooties - modern mukluks. We are 2 moms who wanted to make comfortable footwear and do it locally. All our mukluks are made by hand and custom made here in Manitoba.... but they're a little different from your traditional mukluk. What sets ours apart from the others is that our muukluks do not have the traditional native seed bead designs. Instead, our mukluks can be made without any beading at all OR embellished with genuine Swarovski crystals (ya gotta love a little bling! :)). Another important difference (probably the most significant in terms of walking or running) is that we changed the traditional mukluk pattern slightly with our mukluks so that the heel fits into the mukluk and stays in the boot a bit better (do you ever find that your heel slips in traditional mukluks? This doesn't happen in the same way with ours).

    Anyway, to my point: Sweet Pedtooties mukluks would be a perfect addition to any barefoot runner's closet since we can have them made to a runner's specifications. They can be made without pompoms (if that makes it easier to run), the height and shaft circumference can be customized to fit a runner's legs perfectly, there are a variety of colours and finishes available, there are fur free options available (for those who prefer not to wear fur) and a runner can choose between three different linings: full sheepskin, full fleece or sheepskin in the foot.

    We think what you're doing is awesome and would like to offer any and all barefoot runners a 15% discount off of any pair of Sweet Pedtooties modern mukluks. Please check out our website at If you or any other runners are interested, please contact us at or 204.415.6151 to redeem the discount and purchase a pair.

    Sorry for droning on! I look forward to seeing you and many others running around barefoot... and, hopefully, in a pair of Sweet Pedtooties modern mukluks! :)

    All the best,


    Susie Freedman Tapper
    Sweet Pedtooties

  2. You are not alone. I bought my first pair of Vibrams last summer, and didn't want to take them off. It also started
    ore conversations with people than anything. It's nice to meet some like minded people

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog... excellent information. I also read the piece in the Free Press. Well done on the positive attention to running. I ran the Hypo too, but I wore shoes. I've been following the discussion on Vibrams for a about 18 months and I am intrigued. Maybe I'll take the plunge this summer. Mind if I link my blog to yours? By the way, that is an amazing picture and really captures the spirit of the entire day. It's a good day for a run. Mike