Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The cancelled run

Last Sundays' long run did not go as we had originally planned. The Polar Bear Run needed to be cancelled at the last minute and so we were left disappointed. Waking up Sunday morning for me was incredibly hard, I had felt so deflated from the cancellation that I could have slept the day away. Thanks to G and C for getting me up, out, and throwing a new experience at me. I had been looking forward to a bit of a spiritual experience along the way, usually finding lessons and all as we go. The lesson I experienced was not the one I thought. Instead of endurance (although that was there), I found that G was the one to recognize that the lesson had changed, it was now about going out in the face of disappointment and doing what we had wanted to accomplish in the first place, 17 miles!

So I'm going to tell you about a trail run today. Let me first tell you that not all trails are created equal! I have been encountering some very nice trails in the city, as there are more being paved with asphalt and still more with the gravel. Winnipeg is really adding to their bike paths around the city and it is great to have the ability to get 'off road' experience. Although I was not aware that I will no longer consider this a 'trail'! Not after Sundays run.

Trail now, in my mind, consists of more dirt, trees, tree roots, brush, and sometimes finding (making) your own trail along the way! Sometimes you can not see a trail and yet you will find that getting from here to there will create one in your mind and that is the trail at the time. Careful where you step! The river was low and we ran along it in several places as we went from St. James to St. Mary's and Bishop Grandin. I think I enjoyed the new experience (I guess I'm not one for bugs and getting dirty) and am looking forward to trying that again. I would like to get over my not liking bugs and getting dirty. This is where we found a bit of dirt....

I did mention that we were trying out new gear today. For this Polar Bear run G and I had got platypus bags for the back packs. I think I like this way of carrying water. It seems easier and lighter than bottles of water. Not hat it is lighter but definitely easier to carry in form as the weight doesn't bang around on my back. I also had the gortex socks on for this run. They definitely kept my feet dry! I'm not sure though, I found them maybe a bit snug? I'm still undecided, but i did like the thought that bugs probably couldn't get through them.

Now, here is a TRAIL!>>>>>>>>>>
Notice a difference? Definately need to watch where you are going on this one!>>
I will leave you with a few pictures from Sundays' run.

This could be why the lake run was cancelled?

I guess you had to be there to get the full effect of me screaming "get them off me!" I don't like stuff stuck to me either! Another thing to get over in the future!

A nice pathway at the forks.

A beautiful finish to 17 miles!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. We normally don't eat like this but we were feeling ravenous after the run.