Friday, February 26, 2010

Having Fun

Another beautiful, cold week has passed and here we are at the end of it with only a day before the next long run. I am a bit apprehensive about this run, being winter this is more like trail than road, and let's face it, it is winter, and a race?! So we will NOT be meeting at Tim's this Sunday.

The forecast is for a nice beautiful weekend, could mean so many things, but I think it is going to mean that the mukluks are done for the season. Unless it is -2oC I don't see them out for a run again.The mukluks have been fantastic this winter and they are still my winter boot, although for running I think I need a smaller pair. The leather has stretched and unless I am wearing my awesome thermal socks, the left boot wants to come off. So maybe for next winter I will finally find someone to teach me how to make a pair!

Back to being apprehensive.... this will be my first minimal shoe half marathon, my first winter (crazy people) half marathon, and the lead run into the next level of training for a full marathon.

The week before last we celebrated our running of new distances with cake and schnapps, as we carried ourselves through a 14-15 miler! Did I mention that later that day we met up with another crowd and G ran another 3 miles, as I walked 2. (did I mention we are crazy?) Moving onto new distances and being grateful that I have been able to get this far is so totally incredible. (this is where I have to give God the credit because I'm not of the belief that I am able to do all this myself!)

I am looking forward to what lies ahead, and am anticipating some great learning experiences as I get to travel a new road. This is where another pocket of apprehension lies, the unknown. Exciting and overwhelming, yet...? Who knows......., let's stick with exciting!

So I am wishing all those out Sunday morning for the half marathon a great day. Enjoy the run!


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