Friday, February 12, 2010

February 14, long run

So I'm taking suggestions for the start time on Sunday morning. Currently I'm looking at 6am because I have gone out of my mind thinking I would like to add some mileage. This is not a little amount to add so I'm thinking we may need a bit more time to accomplish it.

G and I have been looking into and dreaming about the marathon distance and further.... So here we go. We have heard about a run that is about 30km, which works into about a 20 miler. Sounds like a great training run for some distance building. So I decided that we should start some serious distance building this week. I am building in some shortcuts into our long run in case there is a need, but that is after the 10 mile marker. This 20 miler is at the end of March so I believe we can work up to it with confidence, as we are running a half distance in two weeks.

So I will see you all on Sunday morning, let me know your thoughts on a 16 miler starting at 6am! (besides, I haven't had a lesson in humility for about 2 weeks now...)



  1. I'm in for 6 am, at Tim's Westwood and Portage?

  2. Yes, I will post it later.... just waiting for all the suggestions to come in!