Monday, February 22, 2010

Hydrating in the Winter

Running in the cold for about 14 miles without refueling hasn't been an issue (surprisingly) this winter, and our days of carrying  cake and Schnapps during runs are over.  The threshold into running longer distances was marked by last week's run and it is time to take our hydration a little more seriously.

 We plan to run 17ish miles across Lake Winnipeg in a few weeks where there may or may not be any supplies for the runners.  Last Sunday I made Gatorade cubes in anticipation of this upcoming event.  It seemed like a good idea seeing as our water freezes up anyway and figured I can pack a lot of cubes in the pack. The consensus was they should be about 1/4 size of a regular ice cube.    I think it should work ok  as long as we aren't hypothermic. And we shouldn't become hypothermic unless we get lost or left behind, so it's unlikely.  Right?

Please.  Someone reassure me!


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  1. Right!..... I'm looking into thermoses as well... just in case.