Monday, February 15, 2010

The Journey of a Long Run

I think we had a great time out there yesterday. We went out for about 4 hours in total, this included a 15 min bathroom break and another 15 min photo and snack break. It is amazing what you can find when you're out and about on a 14 mile run. It is the furthest either of us has run and we are looking forward to continuing this journey onward.

Last week I was out early and missed a realy great photo of a yellow cresent moon over street lights hung on a perfecly black night sky. So I had to bring the camera on this run as I was hoping to find some scenic shots along the way. Especially with an awesome city route, what a great sunrise in the forest!

We are both not too sure about running on the ice so we thought it might be a great idea to try here, as there were previous tracks and it looked safe. Memories of a bog flood my mind from a run last summer as I think this is close to that location.

Here we are getting ready for March? On our way....

The sun definately warms things up, although not as quickly as we would have liked. Not reading the weather properly before heading out can lead to a chilly run. Must make sure to also read the windchill factor!

After getting up this early, I must say that I enjoy the opportunity to experience this.......
and we are only 5 miles into the run.

Another mile and a half and we get to the trail we were looking for. On our way to Fort Whyte! I have to say that I have been wanting to run some trails to see what that is all about, and after this run, I see the differences! The road running is way more predictable. Trail running, and this was only a small taste of what is out there, varries in texture, windchill, sunshine, wildlife..... and the list will go on as I discover more.

We are imagining that this is what running across a lake is going to look like>
A vast expanse with poles as markers along the way to mark a trail.

Seeing wildlife (at a safe distance) always makes me smile. There really are a couple of deer in the trees, although they had no interest in the local paparazzi!

Next it is time for a stop. A snack, as G is great at proving motivation for getting somewhere. Yes, that is cake!

Some more sights. Neat to see the bison!

Then heading home, stopping for the morning coffee on the way!

So on to train more this week so that next Sundays adventure will bring us more memories to add to our journey.



  1. I read the sign as " Welcome to Fort Whyte, Alive". which seemed fitting at that point in the run.

  2. Thanks, I needed a smile this morning!