Sunday, June 27, 2010

Post Surgery

Well, my 7th surgery (as my lovely wife has so kindly pointed out, I actually thought it was only 6 but what's one more right) on my left knee was just completed on Friday, note this includes 6 scopes c/w cleanups and 1 major surgery. Some people might think I am crazy for running or even contemplating running again, but I enjoy it and darn it my knees haven't felt pain free like this in years.

Now, I know your probably thinking, "Pain Free?", then why the surgery? Well the answer to that is quite simple, my knee has this nasty habit of swelling up, and the only thing that brings it down is anti-inflammitories, which I really do not like taking. Hence the 7th surgery (or scope and cleanout) to get rid of the nasty bone chips and pieces of cartilage that are usually floating around in my knee over a period of time (my last scope was 8 years ago, thus it was probably due).

Anyway back to the day of the surgery, which was Friday, I was slated to be at the Day Surgery Area of the GGH at 11:30 am to get checked in and prepped for the festivities ahead. Boy I love surgery day, not able to eat or drink prior to midnight the night before (I am a loyal coffee and espresso drinker need I say more), especially when surgery is not slated until the afternoon, can make for a very cranky patient. This being said, I have to say the nursing staff that got me prepped for the wait were awesome, kudos go to them for everything they did for me prior to the cut. If I had a good memory for names I would list them but I don't, none the less they were all fantastic. Of course N was there sitting with me keeping me company whether I drifted in and out of sleep or not. Thanks honey.

It was about 1:30 when the orderly came to get me, and it was off to meet with the anasteologist to get prepped to go under (had a slight headache at the time, remember no coffee, so we decided to put me out, as headaches and spinals do not go together to well with me). I would miss watching the proceedure this time but what can you do. I must also give kudos to my anasteologist as well, she was great. Now off to surgery, for the main event, met with Dr. Mueller prior to going under, a quick how's it going, and are you ready, and it was time to go out.

Next thing I know I wake up in Post Op, and everything appears to have gone well, except my blood pressure is 'Way to Low', and they start pumping my full of saline solution, etc to get my blood pressure to some resemblance of normality. 6 litres plus later and by 6:30 I am ready to be checked out. Again a big set of kudos and thanks goto the nursing staff that put up with me during the process. Thanks again.

Post Op Status:
Day 1: Started knee exercises, leg responds well. Swelling starting to go down. Take 2 pain killers to help thru sleep. Note: I do not like taking pain killers unless totally necessary.
Day 2: More leg exercises, walking around (chasing kids), mow lawn (not recommended probably should not of done that). Some swelling remains, leg feels good. No pain killers
Day 3: Go to work, more walking, more exercises, significant more flexibility in knee, very little pain, very optimistic. No pain killers
Day 4: Go to work, more walking, more exercises, mobility and flexibility increased, swelling almost entirely gone. No pain killers.
Day 5 - 7: Go to work, more walking, increase activity to more typical level pre-surgery, more exercises, almost feel 100%.
Day 8: Go for small jog to test knee capability, responds well, optimistic to go for longer run tomorrow. Attend workshop on Barefoot Running at City Park Runner's in the morning, focuses on durability, very informative, more on this in a future blog. Attend the Red River Ex in afternoon and into evening. Take in some jerky rides and lots of walking, knee feels good.
Day 9: (today), just to head out on run shortly, to see how the knee reacts. Very impressed at how my body has rebounded from this surgery.

On to rehab to get back to running, they say 2 weeks, before I will be running again, I am happy to report that everything progressed well, and ahead of schedule. It is now 9 days since the surgery and I am going out for a quick run to see how the knee and leg reacts.

On On,


Disclaimer: I do not recommend the above rehab to anyone. I am doing this to see how my body reacts, medical recommendation I have received stated 2 weeks prior to commencing running again, I am doing this a little quicker, on my own regard.

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  1. Just got back from run, felt awsome to be running again. completed first leg (no pun intended) barefoot for 2.7 miles at about a 10 min/mile pace (not fast but enough to test the knee). Responded well, had to stop because I ripped a old blister open on my big toe. Walked for about 5 mins (barefoot), then stopped to put the Vibrams back on and ran 1.6 miles home. Surprisingly the run with the shoes was at a 10:25 per mile pace. Interesting. Anyway my knee feels great, time to start increasing again.