Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday June 13th Long run

Here we are and another week has progressed. If I don't put this out there now I feel that I may just sleep in tomorrow morning. Looks like an early start again, but not as early as other mornings. (guess I will sleep in a bit!)
We will meet tomorrow at 6am at our usual spot of Tim Hortons at Westwood and Portage.Last week I was feeling really great when I wrote we would run 20+ and we finished 15. So this week I'm planning a 15 mile run and I'm going to try to find us some trails. There is a possibility of maybe running further, but I don't want to push our feet as I had some issues last week and am not sure if I've fully recovered. (and I'm a suck when it hurts, as well there is a huge fear of injury) I'm looking to be out for 3-4 hours, what we get in is to be determined. I plan on bringing the camera, there could be wildlife.
Whatever your plans this weekend I wish you great memories!


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